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Title “Death ratio of Covid-19 surges in New York in the last 24 hours”



  • Confirmed Covid 19 cases have exceeded 82,000
  • New York declared to be one of the hot spots for surge in corona virus patients and deaths.
  • Governor of New York requests the federal minister for 30,000 ventilators
    30th March, 2020: New York is the prime location of corona virus cases in US and with the rapidly increasing number of cases, the death count has also risen at alarming rates.
    On 26th March, the government of US announced that the corona virus cases have risen to 18,404 and US is now has the greatest number of confirmed cases worldwide. Likewise, the death toll has risen significantly since the first reported case and now the alarming rates have led to nation-wide measures against the global pandemic.
    New York has been at the very center of this alarming rise with a confirmed case and hospitalization rate doubling within 2 or 3 days. In New York alone 37,258 cases were reported on the 25th of March, a number greater than in any other city. Nearly 7000 new cases are reported every 24 hours.
    This has created nation-wide panic that the state finds hard to control. With the formidable increase in reported cases there has also been a shocking surge in death toll.
    The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo announced in his daily briefing hospitalization has risen to 5,327 with 1,290 patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). He also states that, “COVID-19 deaths in New York could be in ‘thousands’”. In a news conference on Sunday afternoon, he confirmed that cases in the state have risen to an alarming 59,513 patients.
    On Saturday evening, health officials declared another 155 deaths because of corona virus after the last update at 10 am on Saturday. This is reported to be the highest number of deaths in a single day worldwide. With this, the total death count rose to 672.
    In the last 24 hours, the death count in New York alone has surged from 776 victims on Sunday, 6:30 pm to a current death count of 965. New York health commissioner Oxiris Barbot announced in a teleconference that, “we’re definitely on track for having more deaths than we would typically see in a flu season.”
    Under the frightening situation and in light of the alarming spread of the virus, the governor announced an extension of the “New York on PAUSE” policy till 15th April. Under this lock down, non-essential schools and businesses are required to stay closed.