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Coronavirus Heroes in Africa Shifting Fashion to Gowns as the Fashion House Encourages Them

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Amid the fear of the over rising coronavirus, the highlight among something good is that Africans have been attempting to do good in some way in order to help people in the pandemic, Covid-19. Among their efforts comes the Libyan fashion labels switching the medical gowns into chic gowns to empower the heroes. It is reported that six women are known to be sewing scrubs for the powerful doctors and nurses at the Fashion house’s clothing factory located in Libya’s capital, Tripoli.

This is a great initiative to encourage the efforts of doctors and the worker’s dedication is so that they all are willing to volunteer, even spending extra hours working and usually sleep there. The doctors and nurses at the Tripoli Hospital are enlightened by this movement as they show thumbs up modeling in the gowns together earlier this week.

Reported by BBC North Africa, Najwa Tahir Shokyi, who is the Fashion House’s coo founder stated  “The idea started when a doctor at the al-Jalaa Hospital in Tripoli reached out to various businesses for help.”Considering that she started her brand a year ago but taking this step during the pandemic portrays how willing she is to add some joy and color to the medical crisis.

This initiative should spread all over to encourage our brave heroes and pay tribute to their efforts but her brand and staff, despite them willing, have been facing difficulties due to lack of sewing machines and material in the conflict-hit city.

However, regardless of this, the staff has still managed to make 50 gowns so far and are working to make another batch. Considering the medical crisis and how our medical heroes have been putting countless efforts to save lives, this is a great move to repay them and encourage their hard work.

Where Fashion House has already considered doing so, their initiative shouldn’t be facing any obstacle due to lack of facilities. They should be funded for their efforts and that can be considered your share of encouraging the medical heroes.