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Calirfornia responds perfectly to the Covid-19 lockdown



-Implementation of great measures to fight Corona virus
-California appears to be acting seriously
-Why California has less cases then New York

April 4,2020: California‘s response to COVID-19 lock down has been really cooperating and proves to be saving their ship from drowning.

Dr. Robert Wachter, who is the professor and chair at the University of California for the Department of Medicine stated “We could see it from our windows.”

The early implementation and extraordinary steps taken by Calirfornia USA, to fight the corona virus has really proved to be working as they were taken right after the one early news that of 21 people have been tested positive for corona virus who were on a cruise ship,-as announced by by the White House.

The issue of compulsory restrictions in the US by Gov. Gavin Newsom within weeks helped to combat the outbreak that ordered nearly 40,000,000 residents of California to stay at home.

Their great response and restrictive measures have proved to be working best for them as in the first week of March, California standing with New York,had the same amount of corona virus cases as reported by the Covid-19 Tracking Project.

However, soon later that week, California appears to have 11889 cases where New York in comparison has nearly 10 times to that. Not only the corona virus cases but even the death rate of California in comparison to New York is drastically less.

What spared them was the great leadership within the government or in businesses and their restrictive measures to fight this deadly disease. If it wasn’t for this California would have been just another state of the USA suffering drastically from the corona virus.

“But I do believe the most important was that leaders of all types — whether they were in government or in businesses — took it seriously, believed that this was a real risk and did the right thing early.” Wachter said.

They immediately ordered the citizens to work from home, ordered strict implementations of practices if orders were taken seriously and imposed strong social distancing guidelines. It is also for the remarkable citizen’s response to their government measures that saved them and should be noted.

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