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Corona virus Worldwide: Update March 2020



  • Hawaii to order strict isolation for citizens who travel inside the islands of state, till April 30.
  • Pakistan and India to lock down for another forty days.
  • International Olympic event to be delayed till next year 2021.
    The death rates are increasing with an incredible speed each day, because of the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. All the governments of world have imposed a complete lock down on their industrial and trade market. This pandemic has infected about 350,000 humans in Sweden and related regions while it is now making its way towards United States and European countries.
    The total estimate of people infected by Corona virus on a global level is 785,365 while some are recovering or on the process of their recovery. 165,659 is the complete figure that indicates the people who have recovered till today’s date. The latest observation or record of March 30, 2020 indicates that this deadly virus has killed 37,582 people around the globe, whereas the death toll in Italy is reaching an exceeding limit. Two of the International Cruise ships including Diamond Princess which is currently harbored in Japan, have become a victim of this contagious virus with total 10 killings out of 712 cases. 603 patients have recovered while the 99 cases are still active.
    The identification of first case of COVID-19 dates back to December, 2019 in Wuhan, city of China. The virus is still growing to expand in neighboring regions of China and to the rest of world. Due to its immense spread in different counties and a large number killings because of it, the outbreak has been now become the main subject of Public Main Emergency and Health Concern. Hawaii has ordered quarantine on travel activities happening between the major islands of the state. David I ge announces an order for self-isolation of people for maximum fourteen to fifteen days. This order is not applicable to the key workers, doctors and flight workers. A medical doctor named Lt. Gov. Josh Green, who is currently serving his duty in medical sector for prevention of Corona virus. On Monday he quoted in a news conference that all the people should follow the quarantine very strictly, otherwise he results will be quite critical. About 204 cases have been confirmed in Hawaii without any death case.
    Due to increase of corona on such a large scale doctors around the globe are running out of medical kits and ventilators. Besides going through this critical situation where the economies of all states are at stake, most of the countries are also running out of basic life and health facilities for which the flags of most nations have agreed to unite and are working to wipe this contagious disease out of this planet.