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A day of remembrance in china for the people who died of covid-19



Chinese stand still nationwide for the people who died.
Cars and trains bang their horns and people raise flags and flown at half mast.
Chinese pay virtual respect and praise to their ancestors and beloved ones.
April 4th, 2020: in china, the people out there pay a tribute who died while fighting with this deadly virus. They mourn for the victims of covid-19 by observing 3 minutes silence and making a new record of standing still nationwide. They also bang the horns of their cars and trains and also by raising their flags. The first case of covid-19 was detected in China which was further spread throughout the world.
President of china told in his speech that this silence is observed also for the medical and Para medical staff died from this viral attack while treating the patients. It includes the doctor named “LI WENLIANG” who died from covid-19 while treating the patients. The nurse in WUHAN also stated that “I hope that the dead may rest in peace” also it is being stated that “I felt very sad for all the colleagues and patients we had lost”.
China first informed the world health organization about the death rates in WUHAN due to of unknown reasons in december 31, 2019. After sometime, they found out the threat which a virus is named corona. In January the confirmed cases has risen to 60 but the researchers stated that the real figures were approximately 17,000.
This drastic increase in the number of patients had put the Chinese government into difficulty. They did their best to stop this pandemic but they did not know that it can spread even by standing near to the patient. When people traveled for the celebration of new lunar event, the cases increased from hundreds to thousands.
From this point it first spread into Shanghai, SHENZHEN or BEIJING. And then it further spreads into ASIA, EUROPE and other parts of the world. This cause lock down everywhere in the world and the world is facing severe financial and economical crises now. But china is now coming back to the normal life as it progresses in defeating this deadly virus.
Now American is ranking on the top in death rates and number of confirmed cases throughout the states. Italy is at the second number of covid-19 patients.