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Uncontrollable outbreak of covid-19 in US



  • COVID-19 death toll cases in US have increased to highest rate across the world.
  • This week is Pearl Harbor moment, 9\11 moment of America.
    April 06,2020: European nations are trying their best to cope up with this deadly virus by using the virus of the same corona family against this corona virus in Europe. This pandemic has become the record of more deaths than the Second World War. As US has declared this past week as the most deadly and saddest week of the month. It gives the sight of hereafter in the US as death rates are increasing every minute.
    Covid-19 has turned its face toward Europe and taken every country under its attack. Even the country like US has fallen short of ventilators and medical equipments. Patients are coming in the hospitals in hundreds of number. Their civil protection chief Angelo Borelli has told in his interview that “we do not let our guard down for the protection of our man”.
    Italy has reported 525 deaths in the past two weeks as the lowest death toll while Spain was reported as in the last week the fatality rate has fallen for the third day with 674 deaths a day. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has told that Europe is in need of the “Marshal plan” to face this pandemic”. The marshal plan was initiated by US in 1948 after Second World War to rebuild the losses in Western Europe.
    This marshal plan includes European countries which also gives funds and helps in the overcoming of the loss caused by pandemic. The US general surgeon has warned the country as “it is going to be the saddest week for America. This pandemic will have proved the 9/11 or harbor moment for America.
    Total number of patients is approaching 135,000 in United States of America. This has become the country with highest death rate. New York, los angles and California is having the most cases of covid-19. The panic situation is created across the country due to corona virus in US and everyone is afraid of this life threatening virus. Country is facing a strict lockdown as a preventive measure against corona virus.
    One of the doctors of America has said that there is no as such drug which we used against covid-19 and also refused to accept the statement which trump has delivered about hydroxycholroqine.