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Prime Minister of UK Admitted to Hospital for Coronavirus Tests



According to the statement given by the office of Prime Minister, “Tonight, PM has been submitted to hospital for tests on doctor’s advice which was just a precautionary measure because of the deteriorating health of PM”

According to a source, the Prime minister is expected to stay in the hospital for 15 days. On 27 March announcement for the positivity of disease was made by a 55-year-old Prime Minister. He released a video and described cough and fever. The update on Friday showed that he has been suffering from temperature as well.

After testing positive for coronavirus, symptoms keep appearing even after 10 days of the result. This statement was given by Downing Street on Sunday. It also stated the gratitude of Prime Minister, “Thanks to NHS for their amazing hard work and support. The public is requested to stay at home and follow all the measures introduced by the government to deal with UK-COVID 19.”

Boris Johnson is in isolation but continues his work as Prime Minister. He is still in charge and is fulfilling his political duties and is dealing remotely with government affairs. CT scan of the chest or any other tests of blood work might be significant as said by Dr. Kent Sepkowitz, the medial analyst of CNN, and also works as the professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College.

He also stated, “A blood oxygen test could show if the signs are of mere fatigue or tiredness or the prime minister is in real danger”. Most of the other people around Boris Johnson have also been tested positive for the virus and some have started to show symptoms including his pregnant partner, Carrie Symonds.

She tweeted recently asking pregnant women to take all necessary health measures. She also told how she had been resting for 10 days after she feared the symptoms of the virus but is now feeling a lot better. Matt Hancock, the secretary of state of health of Johnson announced himself positive for the virus on 27th march and Chris Whitty, the medical officer would isolate himself if he showed any symptoms.

There was a time when the UK was criticized for not being serious about preventive measures and Boris also boasted about shaking hands with infected patients. Today, it is trying to cope up with the emerging challenges.


How to trade stocks in the UK using bullish candlestick patterns




In this article, we will teach you how to spot bullish candlestick patterns so that you can confidently trade stocks in the UK. Although there is no foolproof method to investing, you will be taking an essential step towards becoming a successful trader by learning how to identify these formations.

To make informed and intelligent investment decisions, any investor, whether novice or experienced, must understand technical analysis. Technical analysis studies price movements and trading volumes to determine future stock prices. One of the most popular methods of technical analysis is using candlesticks.

What bullish candlestick patterns are, and how they can be used to predict stock prices

Candlesticks are graphical representations of price data over a given period, and each one conveys essential information about the market during that time frame. The candlestick is comprised of a natural body, representing the difference between the open and close price, and upper and lower shadows, representing the high and low prices reached during that period.

The colour of the natural body also provides information, with green bodies indicating that the stock closed higher than it opened (a bullish candlestick) and red bodies showing that the stock closed lower than it opened (a bearish candlestick).

The different types of bullish candlestick patterns

There are many candlestick patterns, but we’ll focus on three bullish ones: the hammer, the inverted hammer, and the shooting star.

The hammer

The hammer is a single candlestick pattern that can be found at the bottom of a downtrend or during a period of consolidation. It is characterised by a small natural body, with the open and close price being close to each other and a long lower shadow. The long lower shadow indicates that although the stock price fell during the period, it rebounded strongly before closing. This rebound shows that there is buying pressure in the market and that the bulls are beginning to take control.

The inverted hammer

The inverted hammer is very similar to the hammer but occurs during an uptrend or period of consolidation instead of a downtrend. It is also characterised by a small natural body, with the open and close price being close to each other and a long upper shadow. The long upper shadow indicates that although the stock price rose during the period, it pulled back before the close. This pullback shows that there is selling pressure in the market but that the bulls were able to take control by the end of the period.

The shooting star

The shooting star is a single candlestick pattern found at the top of an uptrend. It is characterised by a small natural body, with the open and close price being close to each other and a long upper shadow. The long upper shadow shows that although the stock price rose during the period, it pulled back significantly before the close. This pullback indicates that there is selling pressure in the market and that the bears are beginning to take control.

How to start trading stocks using bullish candlestick patterns

Now that we have identified the different bullish candlestick patterns let’s look at how you can start trading stocks using them.

First, find a stock you are interested in and then look at its price chart. Once you have found the chart, you will need to identify periods where a bullish candlestick pattern formed.

Once you have found a period where a bullish candlestick pattern formed, you will need to check the volume to see if there was an increase when the pattern formed. An increase in volume shows that there was more interest in the stock shares during that period, thus increasing the candlestick pattern’s validity to buy shares.

If there was an increase in volume when the bullish candlestick pattern formed, you could enter a long position when the price breaks above the high of the candlestick pattern. Your stop loss should be placed just below the low of the candlestick pattern, and your target profit should be set at a 1:1 risk to reward ratio.

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Reasons to use Virtual Visa Gift Card




Virtual Visa Gift Card
Virtual Visa Gift Card

A virtual visa gift card offers few benefits over its physical gift card. The virtual card works like a regular card since it contains a real visa card number, security code, expiration date. This is one of the cards that the majority of travelers use when they want to stay out of the station.

You can Buy Visa card with Bitcoin and use this card for traveling and this is the best use of it since you will get a special discount on this card. The companies provide you details about your holiday package, deals, and other needs. You can browse online and get information about the famous car rental service in the area. At the festival time, the majority of the people like to visit or travel. You can use this card for payment of the fare to make their tour exclusive. You need money during your travel so that it is a fun-loving activity this time.

The use of these cards makes their travel budget-friendly with the availability of instant finance. Some of the reasons to use this card are here.

1.  Better Security

You can purchase a virtual Prepaid gift balance visa gift card with bitcoin for their use in online buying. Most of the online stores like Amazon and other websites accept visa cards. You do not need to give your credit card information being hacked or stolen.

2.  Great as a gift

The Virtual Visa gift card with Bitcoin is great for when you need a gift and are pressed for time. You can get this card with Bitcoin, then forward the details via instant messaging or email to the recipient. You must Buy Virtual Credit Card since it is a wonderful gift for those who like to spend their time shopping online.

3.  Easy to access

It is an exclusive card that is easy to access. This Virtual Visa gift card with Bitcoin helps you enjoy the advantages of several invite-only cards and some other programs of rewards with 18 months BT offer. It can be the best option for cashback. It is a famous card that is known as a luxury card for several reasons. Its 0% intro rates will dazzle you and its exceptional airfare and cashback rewards are real perks.

4.  Budget-friendly option

Every day banks offer thousands of exclusive packages. Consumers who want credit cards need to take these products as per their budget. The virtual visa gift card is famous for its prestige. It is a prestigious card that is not available for all clients. The majority of the users from the elite class can only get approval. It is good for limited credit.

You can buy virtual visa card and use this card for groceries and utilities. It is one of the best cards for those who need a small amount to pay their debts on time. It is good for groceries and paying utility bills even when you are short of money. It happens at the end of the month so that instead of waiting for your salary and pay bills with penalty or surcharge, it is good to use this credit card.




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