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Prime Minister of UK Admitted to Hospital for Coronavirus Tests



According to the statement given by the office of Prime Minister, “Tonight, PM has been submitted to hospital for tests on doctor’s advice which was just a precautionary measure because of the deteriorating health of PM”

According to a source, the Prime minister is expected to stay in the hospital for 15 days. On 27 March announcement for the positivity of disease was made by a 55-year-old Prime Minister. He released a video and described cough and fever. The update on Friday showed that he has been suffering from temperature as well.

After testing positive for coronavirus, symptoms keep appearing even after 10 days of the result. This statement was given by Downing Street on Sunday. It also stated the gratitude of Prime Minister, “Thanks to NHS for their amazing hard work and support. The public is requested to stay at home and follow all the measures introduced by the government to deal with UK-COVID 19.”

Boris Johnson is in isolation but continues his work as Prime Minister. He is still in charge and is fulfilling his political duties and is dealing remotely with government affairs. CT scan of the chest or any other tests of blood work might be significant as said by Dr. Kent Sepkowitz, the medial analyst of CNN, and also works as the professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College.

He also stated, “A blood oxygen test could show if the signs are of mere fatigue or tiredness or the prime minister is in real danger”. Most of the other people around Boris Johnson have also been tested positive for the virus and some have started to show symptoms including his pregnant partner, Carrie Symonds.

She tweeted recently asking pregnant women to take all necessary health measures. She also told how she had been resting for 10 days after she feared the symptoms of the virus but is now feeling a lot better. Matt Hancock, the secretary of state of health of Johnson announced himself positive for the virus on 27th march and Chris Whitty, the medical officer would isolate himself if he showed any symptoms.

There was a time when the UK was criticized for not being serious about preventive measures and Boris also boasted about shaking hands with infected patients. Today, it is trying to cope up with the emerging challenges.