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TacoBell losing Breakfast and Late night Customers After Pandemic



•Same store sales of TacoBell reduced, as they lost both late night customers and breakfast, and reposted Yum Brands on Tuesday.

•Comparatively Pizza Hut and KFC experienced growth in their domestic sales as the crisis provided a different turn for them.

•Temporary pause of the restaurant business, outside the US, has caused circumstances to be ‘choppy’, quotes Yum.

June 10,2020;
Coronavirus affecting every aspect of our life is pretty much the everyday highlight from the past few months. Similarly, today under discussion is how TacoBell is being affected and other same-store sales’ ups and downs.

TacoBell has been losing customers that visited late at night. On top of this they are short of breakfast as well. As per the Yum Brands, which is a parent company, similar stores are facing reduction in the same way, that too in high-digits from 30 June.

But if we speak of places like Pizza Hut and KFC, the situation is different. Reports of same-store domestic growth rather than loss are obtained from them. Ironically the crisis has proved to be a turn for Pizza Hut, as there is a relative growth in their delivery sales.

As per Yum, in May, it was the pizza chain in the US that produced the largest rate of delivery and average sales week for the last 8 years. Pizza Hut, which was a straggler of Yum, has provided an intense growth in their sales as it avoids its image of an eat-in pizzeria.

Similar was the case with KFC, as their average sales were also the highest in a week, recorded prompt May.

Because of restaurants shutting down temporarily, Yum said that, among the three chains, the outside sales of the US and the business have been ‘choppy’ and even continues to be so.

Estimating the statistics, nearly 10% of these locations are still shut down around the world. There is a 19% decrease in same-store sales of Yum Brands, Habit Burger excluded, in the quarter.

Speaking of drops in sales, KFC has managed to have a jump of 26% same-store sales, making their slope of drop the steepest. Yum, on the other hand, notifies resuming their schedule of quarter reports as they go ahead.

Estimating the overall market value for the year 2020 to date, there is a fall of 4% noticed in $29.1 billion stock, as per CNBC.