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13 Year Old Boy Becomes First Victim of Corona Virus in UK



13 Year Old Boy Becomes First Victim of Corona Virus in UK

A 13-year-old boy becomes the first victim of the novel coronavirus. The 13-year-old boy who was tested positive with this novel coronavirus has died. According to the statement given by the King’s college hospital Camberwell, south London, where the boy was admitted, “the boy who was tested positive for coronavirus has passed away condolences is with boy’s family”.

The statement of the hospital’s officials read, “sadly the young boy who was tested positive for the coronavirus has died and our thoughts are with the family. The death is completely referred to as the coroner”.

Britain’s office of the national statistics has published the breakdown report of the victims of coronavirus; this 13-year-old boy is regarded as the youngest reported victim of COVID-19 in the UK.

The funeral costs of the boy are to be covered by the fundraiser on the crowdfunding website by Madinah College, one of the siblings of his work there. The page read “It is with great sadness to announce that the younger brother of our teachers at Madinah College has passed away”. The page further added that the boy had no other health conditions and at the time of his death, his family members were not close to him because this Coronavirus is of highly infectious nature.

According to the conference’s daily downing news on Tuesday, the director of the National Health Service of UK said that there’s been a plateau in cases of coronavirus in British, but despite all the green shots, we shouldn’t take our feet off the pedal.

In the conference, the Medical Director of National Health Service, Stephen Powis said that this COVID-19 isn’t a short-haul and it will take time. The thing which is important is that we have to stick to it.

On Tuesday, according to a report, the UK has recorded an increase of 14 percent of COVID-19 cases. However, the increase was 13 percent on Monday which is less than that of Tuesday. According to some latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, the numbers of cases are now 25,474, and deaths are 1,793.

According to the spokeswoman for Health ministry in Belgium, on Monday, a 12-year-old girl passed away.

In another statement, the government’s spokesperson of Belgium, Emmanuel Andre said that it was really an emotionally difficult movement as it is about a child that really touched the whole medical and scientific community.



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