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Amged El-Hawrani death after confirming positive for Covid-19



  • The number of death toll increase in UK hospital almost three times the official figure.
  • Amged El-Hawrani becomes the first` frontline surgeon to die in London
  • To curb the spread of coronavirus, prime minster of London Boris Johnson tells people it’s safe to stay home.
  • The latest figures on coronavirus in London are just under 4000 people who have been infected by the virus.
  • 180 deaths in the capital, 4000 people are infected with the virus in London.

March 30th, 2020. NHS England has reported about the first death from coronavirus. His name was Amged El-Hawrani. He was a 55-year-old first frontline doctor to lose his life battle from the coronavirus on Saturday 2020 March. He died at the Leicester royal infirmary. He was an ENT trainer at Queen’s hospital, Burton.

By NHS England, he was the frontline doctor of corona positive and the first doctor died of this virus. Another heartbreaking death of Adil EI Tayar was also confirmed today.

Professor Stephen Powis, NHS national medical director also shared his condolence with Amged’s family and send the message of being united and working together in this crucial time.

Amjed was known for his dedication to working at Queen’s Hospital Burton. He helped the two clinical teams work together in burton and derby.

Robert Jenrick UK Housing Minister said that “The deaths we are reporting daily at these press conferences are very sobering. Every death is a tragedy, we don’t want to see any unnecessary death. “

To control the situation further measures are to be taken by the London government.  Expert says that The confirmed case is becoming double or triple every day in the capital,

To stop the “accelerating” spread of corona-19, Prime Minster Boris Johnson has asked his people to stay home.

As far as the government is concerned they are doing best to control the situation by making a partnership with airline and ten thousand Britishers will be flown home. Moreover, world health organizations are conducting press conferences to urge people to stay at home and show kindness and humanity in crucial times.

Speaking at the government’s daily press conference Sir Patrick said: ‘We expect this to get worse over the next few weeks because there’s a lag phase”

BBC News tells us about the latest updates in UK news. British travelers are struggling to get back home due to the partnership of airlines between the UK government.