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Lana Condor Shows Her “Self Care” Routine To The World



  • Flossing a mandatory part of night care routine of Lana Condor
  • Magic product behind Lana Condor fresh skin_water
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    June 6th, 2020: Lana Condor is among the most talented celebrities; in her recent interview she revealed her beauty secret, her ritual, its importance, and her favorite sweating method.
    While speaking to one of the renowned newspaper, Lana condor talked about her social media mental health guru. She said that she follows @_hi_anxiety_ to deal with her anxiety. Because this platform hear people problems and made them feel better, these are her thoughts. As they post relatable motivational quotes for depressed people.
    In response to a question about her favorite workout, she said she loves to do VR. And according to her in this quarantine period, VR plays a vital role in keeping you fit and is entertaining at the same time.
    When the interviewer asked about the magic ingredient or product behind her glass skin, she responded amusingly. Fancy beauty products never fascinate me, but there is one thing without which I can’t live that is Water. She said that you can’t imagine that I feel exhausted when I don’t drink water. Further, she said that if you want to keep your skin fresh drink water, water, and water.
    In reply to a question about her quarantine splendor routine, she said, although in this period I don’t apply tons of make-up. So, my skincare routine is very simple. First of all, I apply cleanser on my face with the brush to clean the dust or impurities. After that, I used lemon wipe because it does magic to my skin, as I received them when I was in Korea. Lemon wipes have the power to brighten up your face within no time. The next step is the application of serum, an amazing moisturizer, and finally eye-cream. Eye-cream and skincare regimes go hand in hand because I can’t skip an eye-cream.
    Replying about her sleeping routine, she said, she can’t even think about going to bed without flossing. Flossing before bed has become my habit with time. As if one day, I forget to do flossing I feel disturbed even I can’t sleep.
    Besides all the stuff when she was asked to give one self-care tip, she said, hydration. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Further, she said, it’s an easy tip to follow. As we are always busy in comparing ourselves with others, underestimating our selves based on others’ success rate. Never underestimate yourself and do your best. Because your potential is different from others.
    She further said be kind to yourself because this is what matters.
    “Greatness is coming.” She uses this statement frequently to motivate herself.