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Pay Cryptocurrency for DigitalOcean, Linode, and Hetzner



When you make a website and purchase a domain name, if you never take the assistance of cloud hosting, then it’s all waste. The primary aim of cloud hosting to maintain the files and data, maintain the connection between the client and the web owner, store it, and send data through the cloud. The remote web hosting also supports by the cloud, and it works as the connection between the vendor and client through the IP network. The client can send data to another vendor through an IP connection or wireless connection through an abstract network route called the cloud, and later the data will store and maintain by the vendor through a remote server.

Well, when you are developing a website, you must need the cloud hosting that can work along with the multiple cloud servers, so you need the best cloud hosting service. When it comes to purchase and take the assistance of the cloud hosting provider, you just need to choose the best service provider that can allow buying a VPS with Bitcoins as virtual money can be the best way to pay for the cloud services.

For your assistance, we are going to discuss the most famous and well-known platforms for cloud hosting, and they are as following:


This cloud service provider platform works efficiently to provide assistance to the business entities. With the help of this service, they can also scale themselves through installing the DigitalOcean application. This application can go parallel in different and connected servers without any compromising on the performance. It is one of the top cloud service provider platforms in America. Undoubtedly, the developers prefer it for the following reasons:

1.      Quality Performance:

The developer always tries to eliminate the hustle of managing data or server management, but thankfully, DigitalOcean never disappoint and provide the necessary assistance professionally.

It works as SSD-based virtual machines that utilized the IPv6, and other service providers may not consider it, the additional services including:

  • a fast boot time that consists of 55 seconds
  • Work on powerful Hex Core machines that have devoted RAID SSD and ECC Ram storage.

2.      Professional Documentation:

The DigitalOcean’s documentation is considered as the comprehensive, real, and very practical. It includes all the necessary materials like installation guides, tutorials, walkthroughs, and guides, etc.

Moreover, the other two well-known cloud hosting options are:


In short, for the development of any website, the developer required a system to maintain and manages the data of the website and gives it storage, so here you must need cloud hosting. It also works like web hosting but has a slight difference between both of them. Moreover, you can easily buy the server through Bitcoin VPS, and it is not only the best service provider but also deal with affordable price. The cryptocurrency makes it easy to deal with the server, and no, you can easily pay for web hosting or cloud hosting for your website through virtual currency.