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You Have Already Been Hacked, They’re Coming – Prepare!



I recently read an article in the New York Times titled “How my Mom Got Hacked” and it inspired me to make people in general aware of a much bigger picture that the New York Times chooses to ignore. In 1998 I wrote an article, The Internet Wars of the Tear 2000, in which I predicted the current situation where countries and companies begin to battle for internet dominance. I was a few years off. My apologies! What the Times and nearly every expert in the technology game ignores, maybe to avoid frightening the masses is that there are two simple steps to avoid being a victim, BUT antviruses are NOT on the list. In fact, I would remove most, if not all the antivirus programs from your system. What?! That sounds like insanity, right?

“The most important thing to note is that you have already been hacked!”

If your computer/router combination has been on for more than a few days, you have already been hacked. What, you say? True, I reply. They’re Coming, so prepare! How do you avoid being a victim? It is really very simple and inexpensive! And the answer is NOT antiviruses, much to your dismay. There are TWO simple steps to take to avoid becoming a victim in this CyberWar. And, they’re very inexpensive AND very easy to implement.

According to Infoworld there are new computer exploits every 24 hours, which makes it almost impossible for antivirus programs to keep up. “In today’s ‘threaterscape’, antivirus software provides little peace of mind. In fact, antimalware scanners on the whole are horrifically inaccurate, especially with exploits less than 24 hours old.”

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1) Never store files on your hard drive. Use “the cloud.” Use Google Drive for “office-type” files and a memory chip for pictures. Backup all files on a memory chip/stick and in the cloud.

2) Get the restore program for your computer. Then you can simply plug your restore disk/stick in and restore to original manufacturer, out of the box, condition. This effectively wipes the drive and erases everything. You an also go to your local “nerd Herd”, and ask them to restore your machine back to factory settings. Insist on a complete wipe/restore, not a cleaning.

Prepare yourself using these steps because remember, YOU HAVE ALL ALREADY BEEN HACKED.” It is highly likely that somebody has already hacked your router/computer. They’re just waiting to pull your switch. The Cyberwars I predicted decades ago started with the Sony hack.

“Should I remove my antivirus programs?”

I have changed my position regarding antivirus protection since the internet war started. I typically researched with the objective of recommending the best free antivirus program for which you could get free updates. Without daily updates, get rid of it, because, as stated earlier, there are new threats every day. Don’t have more than one antivirus program running in “live” or “real time” because they can sometimes interfere with each other.

“It is time for a newer, wartime antivirus strategy, not time to ‘cheap out’.”

My new strategy for recommending antivirus programs is a more serious approach for a time of war. I recommend an antivirus that is created in the USA, provides daily updates and is the most comprehensive. According to a very detailed comparison chart which I located at Wikipedia(r) [2], there is only one antivirus program that meets all the criterion I lay out and that is McCafee. It is clearly one of the most comprehensive, is produced within the borders of the USA, and has daily updates. I believe there is a fee for updates, BUT PAY IT! This is no time to cheap out, and the free ones are constantly trying to trick you into paying. Sorry AVG, I am done with you.

“They’re hacking our border too! This will keep you safe until they are at your front door having seeped through a porous, leaking border.”

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If you are prepared they can’t hurt you or extort money from you. Not until they are at your doorstep, which is next, since we refuse to secure our southern border.

There are so many complacent entities when it comes to securing the southern border. The terrorists will hack their right to your computer with a border leak. They act as though this “hack” is a big deal, but it is only just the beginning of the coming invasion. The terrorists are emboldened at this point. Blame whomever you wish, but know it and prepare. We are under attack. Prepare!

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