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6 Tips That Can Help Achieve Optimal Machine Vision Lighting



6 Tips That Can Help Achieve Optimal Machine Vision Lighting

Machine vision systems and visual inspection devices provide precise part inspections with high-quality pictures. 

When correct lighting is easier to increase the contrast, it is easier for cameras to recognize the specific area shape, mark, or other features; in contrast, inadequate lighting will only be able to illuminate some parts of the object and increase the overall processing time. Learn more here.

1: Bright Lights

Another function of machine vision is to determine 6 Tips That Can Help Achieve Optimal Machine Vision Lighting if any missing materials within the component are being scrutinized. Additionally, it can determine the amount of material inside the mold, known as short shots.

To make it easier to identify short shots, today’s manufacturers use a particular illumination device called the Nerlite DOAL.

2: The Wavelength

Companies often use this technique to ensure the correct orientation of parts on their circuit boards, precisely one with an integrated circuit.

When the chips are placed correctly, their copper face is down for a proper connection. Additionally, the chips are flipped during assembly, which can cause the assembly’s failure.

3: Non-Diffused Light

It is challenging to spot tiny cracks in transparent materials like glass. In the hundreds of glass containers, it’s more difficult to find tiny cracks.

This reduces the amount of waste and complaints from customers.

4: Diffuse Light

The recognition of inaccuracy or damaged contents can assist the makers of drugs in improving their product quality. However, the use of bright light to prevent reflections is a challenge.

If the source of light is unidirectional or single-plane, it can create reflections and shadows. It is possible to illuminate an object from several angles and block reflections with diffused light.

5: Color for Contrast

No matter the application, the importance of images with high contrast is precise. A simple way to accomplish this is by using colored light. The wavelength of light could make the appearance dark or bright to the camera, particularly for monochrome cameras.

Choose a different color if you wish to make your features appear dark. If you choose the same light color, it will make the feature appear more luminous.

6: Strobed Light

Using a light that isn’t strobe makes it difficult to take images without noise. In this instance, it’s better to go for a strobe light exclusively.

Additionally, the strobe light should have the correct pulse duration to create quality images. The typical pulse duration is the same as the amount of time the image needs to cover a certain distance.

If you wish to get the best machine vision, We suggest you adhere to the guidelines in the previous paragraphs. This will allow manufacturers to make the most of their vision inspection equipment.


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