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Tips to Sell Your Used Car



It is certainly a difficult job to sell out a used car at a good price. First of all, a lot of people suggest you different things and it becomes much complex. Secondly, the price is somewhat lesser than you expected which disappoints you. What you have to understand is that a lot of expectations can ruin a good deal for you. It is no way possible to get exact amount in return with profit. So, be a little considerate while talking to buyers. Don’t get fixed at a price which no one is going to pay for a used car. Here are some basic tips to help you through:

1. Visit a mechanic:

The very first thing to do after deciding on selling the car is indeed visiting a mechanic. Your car should look presentable for the customers. No one is going to pay for junk. Ask the mechanic to change the battery, fix the dents, change the tires, clean it thoroughly and if required, paint. The car should be in a good condition.

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2. Set a price:

As discussed earlier, your price should not be too high for the customers. Do not expect too much for an old car when one can get a new one at the same price. Be realistic and fair while deciding a price. You can include your redecorating expenses in the price but don’t be adamant while dealing with the customers. A little bargain can also get you a fair deal.

3. Get your paperwork done:

Find all the documents of the car right from the purchase including even your servicing bills. It is required for the customer to realize that you kept the vehicle in good condition throughout the use. Include the receipts from mechanic, tires and battery receipt. A customer is definitely going to check these.

4. Meet with the car:

Don’t build castles in air by explaining your deal to them. Meet the customer at a place with the car. Don’t hesitate if you are confident for your vehicle and maintenance. Let them inspect. Let them ask queries and be polite. If possible, take them on a test drive, turn on the radio, show them the best of your vehicle.

5. The deal:

So, the customer has liked your car and is willing to purchase it. That’s a great news but don’t get lured. Research about the customer, his background and do not approve on installments. Don’t hand over the keys without getting the entire amount in your hands. There are always chances of fraud even.

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