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Passion For Economic Freedom And Happiness



We humans are full of passion, happiness and always desire freedom. The freedom comes in different forms, stages and with conditions. When we were children we wanted to be free to choose for ourselves and our thoughts had the freedom to roam about and had no boundary. We were always told to put a break on our freedom because society would not allow free thoughts. When I look back at my Childhood period I always have fond memories of it. I always had the feeling of freedom and happiness. My passion knew no boundary, and I had the freedom of choice.

But today everybody is busy and has too little free time. Everybody seems to be rushing about and busy with important work. They have forgotten what it is like to be free? The passion has gone, happiness does not matter. Their importance comes from the work they do. It does not matter if work they do has no charm and is miles away from their passion.They are no longer free, freedom means too little to them.

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Our freedom, our passion, our happiness are the words losing their meaning very fast. Economic freedom is a dream that is too far away. They have shorten their reach of attaining their goal. Their thoughts have no longer the feathers to fly away in the sky. Economic freedom is no longer to be measured with hard work. Hard work can bring food on the table, roof over your heads, dresses to wear, basic education but it can not bring economic freedom.

India was a slave country for about 100 years. People of India went about their work because they have been under the rule of Maharajas (tittle meaning kings) for about another 200 years. One ruler had taken the place of another ruler. Then came a great man named Mahatma (meaning sage) Gandhi and taught the real meaning of freedom. India got its freedom and with it Indians got their happiness, freedom of thoughts and right to choose their work and follow their passion.

In our daily life also, One boss takes over our freedom from another boss. We think that by changing companies, we have improved our life. In realty we have lost our freedom to another boss. If we want to be free, have our passion back, we have to be our own boss. We have to write our own destiny and follow our passion. Then we can achieve economic freedom and happiness.

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