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5 Steps to Get to Know Your Target Market



There is a big chance that the target market you are looking for is similar to yourself. After all, you are probably into a subject that really rings your bell and that’s why you want to spread the word. Like us; we are learning about online marketing and defining our target market so that what we write, actually reaches the people who might find it useful. It really all comes down to these 5 steps to get to know your target market.

1. Who are they?

Since people are all over the place with their interests, and in the online world the common demographics are not that useful anymore, we must think differently. Bring your audience to life in your imagination. A good way to get a first feel for things is to think of their personality traits. For instance, you can use the DISC method to assess yourself and think about what pushes your buttons. Then compare this to who it is you think that will be your audience. See where you are at by finding a free online DISC test.

Keep asking questions. Are they young or old? What is it that makes your heart beat faster? Do they consider wealth and freedom the highest good? Are they more into health or sustainability? Would they have a specific skill set like computer programming, maths, painting, or singing?


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2. What do they do?

It’s good to ask yourself where your target market is currently spending their days. Are they working in office jobs? Small business owners? Freelancers? Or maybe they’re stay at home moms (or dads!). It could be you’re reaching out to those that travel – where do they go?

3. Where do they hang out online?

It seems like there’s a place online for everyone. While the professionals might focus on LinkedIn and Twitter, young people are using the likes of Snapchat and creatives are excited about Pinterest. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are for virtually everyone these days, but inside these platforms are many different groups you can join, based on interest and location.

4. What do they want?

You could say that everyone is either running towards pleasure or away from pain. On the pleasure side you could look at things like learning new things such as healthy eating, how to travel on a budget, how to gain more freedom in your work by increasing your efficiency. Or in the case of this post, how to effectively reach your audience. You must understand what someone feels they really need, so what you write can move them toward more empowering feelings or actions.

5. What is stopping them from getting it?

When you get a grasp of who the person is you’re talking to, where they spend their time and what they want, you’re in the right direction. That’s what makes you understand what’s stopping them from getting it. Maybe something like the ‘rules of society’ makes them feel like they’re limited in what is possible, while all that is needed is to step outside of this viewpoint in order to see freedom. Some people have no idea what they want in life and feel overwhelmed by the idea of needing a ‘strong passion’ for something, while practice and inspiration is really all they need.

Most people though, need a system. A helping hand. Some comfort in knowing that the steps they are taking are heading in the right direction. It’s okay to try. One step at a time. And it is certainly okay to feel a little lost sometime, to take comfort in what others have to show you as an example.

So take these 5 questions to get to know your target market. It’s all in the relationship we have with each other. We all want to be understood. That’s why the better you know who you’re dealing with, the better you’ll be at reaching them.

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