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How To Upgrade Your Old Graphic Card



Graphic card, also known as video card, is a component of the computer hardware whose function is to generate the output images to the monitor screen or display. It operates in the similar way as the other peripheral devices. The images that we see in the monitor are made of tiny dots and pixels, and all these pixels and dots combine together to form the images, and the whole formation procedure is decided by the graphic card.

To do this the graphic card needs a translator so that it can take the binary data from the central processing unit and turn it into images that you can see. The function of the graphic card is complex, but the main principles and the components of it are very easy to understand.

If you are about to upgrade your graphic card, it may seem that it will be a very difficult task to perform if you do not know much about the computer. But the truth is that, almost anyone can upgrade their own graphic card of the PC. With the basic knowledge of some few steps you can easily upgrade your graphic card without any hassles. First of all determine which cards are compatible. There are two types of graphic cards that you can install in your computer; they are the PCI (Personal Computer Interconnect) and the AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) cards. Almost all the computers come with slots for the two cards. So, it is up to your computer which slot it contains, but if there are both the slots, you can choose among the two. Depending on your needs and requirements there are various video cards that you can purchase. If you are a game lover, you can choose the AGP card, since it is much faster than the PCI card.

The AGP card has three dimensional capabilities which enhances the ability of the gaming. If you just want a card for general uses, then you can go for the PCI card. After you have decided over the graphic card, you will have to decide about the RAM. And according to your requirement, you can choose one, but remember, the more megabyte you purchase the better it will run on the computer.

Before you are about to upgrade your graphic card, do not forget to uninstall the previous graphic card. If your computer has an in-built video card, all you have to do is disable it and install the new one. And if you have the graphic card in the AGP or PCI slot, then you will have to go to the control panel and select device manager, then display adapter, and you will see your current graphic card listed, right click on it and select the uninstall option and then shut down your PC and then carefully remove the previous card from the slot and insert the new one.

By checking out the computers setup, you can find out whether the graphic card is working properly or not. Change the video card setting to switch on to the other graphic card. Once you are done with all the setups, your video card will work with optimal potential.

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