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Trade Show Survival Tips



When you arrive and set up at your first trade show, it’s exciting it can even be an adrenaline rush! You’re here to promote your company, share your product, and network. And trade shows can, in fact, be a great experience and a lot of fun. However, they also mean long hours and some challenging situations to overcome. The following pointers will help you survive your trade show and have a great time in the process!

• Dress Appropriately

Go over your trade show attire from head to toe! When you’re getting dressed your first thought might be appearance, and that’s great after all, you want to make a good impression! But looks aren’t everything, and fun at a convention can quickly turn sour if you’re too hot, too cold, or your feet are killing you. Wear comfortable shoes, and make sure they’re already broken in before the show! If you absolutely have to wear some heels, make sure you bring along a more sensible pair of flats to give your feet a break when they need it. Also, be prepared to be a bit too cool early in the day and overheated later that means you should dress lightly, but have a sweater or cardigan handy for when things get chilly.

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• Schedule Breaks

There are a few good reasons for this. First of all, you’re likely to be there for many hours, overlapping at least one (if not more) regular meal time. It’s generally considered to be unprofessional to eat at your booth, so make sure each worker, including yourself, has time to go for meals. It’s also good to schedule time to walk around the show, and even to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. Staying cooped up in a booth can quickly become tiring and drain you of your energy, and you want to be cheerful and energetic when you interact with visitors to your booth!

• Stay Hydrated

Bring along a refillable water bottle. You won’t want to be away from your booth frequently to buy drinks, and they can be expensive or there can be long lines that keep you away longer than intended. Staying hydrated will also help you keep your energy levels up and your morale good. Convention centers are also notoriously dry, and it’s surprisingly easy to lose your voice after just a few hours of talking in such a dry environment. Laryngitis is a terrible thing to deal with at a trade show, so be sure to pack your water.

• Pack a Survival Kit

Once you’re there, you don’t want to be running out for every little thing so pack a few commonly needed items to get you (and your colleagues!) through the day. Eye drops are a good idea, as they’ll help you deal with the dry air. Aspirin or another over the counter painkiller can be a lifesaver, too. Bring an extra water bottle in case someone else needs it, as well. And of course, a great attitude!

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