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6000 Passengers on Cruise Ship Remains a Question in Pandemic



Despite the continued inspection of the cruise industry as a response to coronavirus, 6000 passengers are still known to be on the cruise liners. A huge number of passengers have been dying despite the dozen fatalities being linked with cruise ships. As per the CruiseMapper, which is a ship-tracking site, 8 passenger ships remain at the sea along with a vessel on which 128 have tested positive for the virus.

US CDC, who neglect the regular flights stated “Outbreaks of Covid-19 on cruise ships pose a risk for the rapid spread of disease beyond the voyage”
Even though the representatives of the cruise industry use words such as ‘caught without warning’ by the pandemic in their defense, their regular business continued even after WHO declared the virus a pandemic in mid-March.

Neglecting CDC advice of refusing cruise travel, six ships which were suspected to have coronavirus outbreak set for a sail on 8 March from the US. Many around the world including, Queen Mary 2, Columbus, Greg Mortimer, Astor Magnifica cruise liners, all of them remain at sea. As per the instructions of Us and Europe, these passengers have been told not to disembark only until after two weeks of them being tested negative for the virus.

Many have stated through WhatsApp texts that they await positive news every morning. Although there have been no reports of COVID-19 cases on any of the other cruise ships, CDC recommended that any of the thousands of these passengers can increase the risk of spreading. Many cruise liners are under investigation to detect coronavirus patients.

Where they record no case, a few days later one of the passengers tests positive for the virus which has led to these individuals launching lawsuits against cruise liners. These companies claim the situation came without warning which has been leading to dis management in ship’s medical bays.

James Walker, Florida’s attorney claims the lack of government oversight in the industry as the reason for these situations as he believes that this is what led to the operations not starting any sooner. Even now that the situation is being dealt with, ‘it seems to be out of control’ for him