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The Simplest, Fastest Marketing Technique Guaranteed To Make You A Fortune



Direct mail marketing is quite simply the fastest and simplest marketing technique I know of that’s virtually guaranteed to make you a fortune. You can make millions of dollars with the right campaign.

In fact, direct mail is the most powerful advertising medium that there is. You’re in total control of the entire selling process. When it’s done correctly, having a million packages in the marketplace is like having a sales force of a million of the best salesmen money can buy — only you don’t have to pay them or put up with their problems and idiosyncrasies. The key is to spend 20% of your marketing time, money, and effort to attract new customers, and the remaining 80% to resell the maximum amount of additional products and services to your established ones.

Many people know this secret, but very few practice it. When you ask them, “What are you doing in a systematic way to attract the largest possible number of new customers, and then to resell to those people as often as possible?” they’ll look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language. But it’s not like they don’t know better. That’s the key here. Use this method to attract the best people, and then resell to them again and again.

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There’s more to it than that, but this is the basis of the formula. All the money you want is out there right now; all you have to do is sell enough stuff to enough people often enough at a high enough margin per transaction, with the greatest efficiency, and you can make all the money you’ll ever need. I wife and I learned that from our mentor early on, when he taught us to boost our income by 25 times in just nine months, from $16,000 a month to $400,000. That’s why I busted my hump for eight years to learn how to write good, profitable sales copy that drew in new customers as well as served older ones.

It does cost more to use direct mail, but it’s worth the effort, especially when you use the Two-Step method to get people to qualify themselves, and then follow up with repeated sequential mailings. If you turn to direct mail, you can’t do it on the cheap; it doesn’t work. You need all those little salespeople out there doing a good, effective job of selling — because good direct mail is salesmanship in an envelope.

These little salesmen are answering all the prospect’s objections and overcoming their resistance. They’re making these people a great offer they can’t refuse. You can do all that in a direct mail package. There are a lot of strategies you can use in conjunction with direct mail, but direct mail marketing is king. It’s all about return on investment, or ROI, and you won’t get a better ROI than with direct mail. It’s not how much you spend that matters, but how much you make in the end. So spend more money and do a more effective job by using direct mail in the first place. The only thing that works better is actual face-to-face selling.

Recently, Dan Kennedy and Chip Kessler released a book called No BS Marketing to Boomers and Seniors, in which they included some mind-boggling statistics from a research study they conducted. Here’s one thing to keep in mind: while many of us are marketing to people younger than 35 years of age, often using the Internet to do so, this isn’t a demographic group that has a lot of money. Plus, folks younger than 35 perceive direct mail as coming on very strong. Conversely, well over 50% of people 50 years or older prefer it to anything on the Internet, so they’re the ones you should market to. They see direct mail as more honest and trustworthy than online marketing.

One of the things that’s important to know when you’re advertising is where your marketplace is looking for information. So who’s your customer? If you have really young clients or customers in their teens and 20’s, you should use the Internet and use it often. But if your customer is anywhere near middle age, you’d better do business by direct mail. People 50 and over control well over half of all the wealth in America. Older Americans still want to receive snail mail. They still even read newspapers, which some people think is archaic. They prefer the things that they grew up with.

A lot of people think they know direct mail when they actually don’t. Many business owners have tried a little direct response mail. They might have written a postcard and mailed it out to a few clients, but that was about it. They’ve just dabbled; they haven’t done it correctly. They haven’t learned the effective strategies. One of the things that we always teach our clients is the proper way to do direct mail. We describe all the things that go into making a direct mail campaign successful and effective.

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Direct mail is the most effective way to sell just about anything to your target market. It’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to make a lot of money — but you have do it right, because if you don’t, it may go wrong and sour you on the process for good. Then you’ll be one of those people who says, “I tried that once, and it really doesn’t work.” Well, it might not have worked for you, but it does work for a lot of people; you just have to know what you’re doing. So I encourage you to study more about direct mail, to learn the tips, secrets, and strategies that make up successful direct-mail campaigns.

There’s a lot to know, including some basics you need to understand to get started. From there you can just do it, learn as you go, adjust on the fly, do plenty of testing, and grow your business. No matter what you sell, there are very few things that don’t or can’t work by direct mail. It’s a great marketing method when you understand it.


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