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Tata Tiago NRG XT



As you all must be aware that Tata’s Tiago NRG XT has just arrived in the market, it is very different from tata’s other vehicles and is attractive among people. Tata Tiago NRG XT, is priced at Rs 6. 42 lakhs, which demands Rs 41,000 less than the top-spec NRG XT+. The Tiago XT will also get some of the features and additions to the NRG such as new 14-inch wheels, adjusting the height for the driver’s seat, and the rear parcel shelf. The NRG XT also features 14-inch hyper-style wheel caps, front fog lamps, height-adjustable driver’s seat, Harman audio system, and steering-mounted controls.

The Tata Tiago NRG is now available in more affordable XT variants, while the rugged version of the hatchback was earlier limited to the top-end variant only. The Tata Tiago NRG is a rugged-looking version with additional highlights such as body cladding, roof rails, different colours, and charcoal black interiors. Its interior designs are different from other Tata vehicles. 14-inch hyper style wheel caps, front fog lamps, and height-adjustable driver seat.

The Tiago NRG XT includes a Harman audio system and steering-mounted audio controls, all of which add to the beauty of that vehicle. Currently, the vehicle is 86PS and 1. 2-liter petrol engine and the 5-speed manual are available as standard. Controlled by an amazing ABS braking system.

The 14-inch wheels and the height adjustment for the driver’s seat are new to the regular Tiago XT variants. You can also opt for the rhythm pack on the Tiago XT for a premium of Rs 30,000. The pack includes a 7-inch touchscreen system, a rear camera, and four tweeters. Similarly, this recently introduced Midnight Plum Shed is also available along with these variants.

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Tata Motors has also launched the new XT variant of its rugged hatchback, the Tiago NRG, in India, and maintains an all-around black cladding that gives the car a crossover looks1, which produces 84 HP of power. It is powered by a 2-litre, three-cylinder, and petrol engine.

Tata Motors is one of the leading automakers in India in terms of sales as well as the Tiago is the best-selling hatchback for their brand. In 2016, the NRG model was introduced with rugged styling to attract a wide range of potential customers. The new XT variants will try to offer a slightly better value for money. The cars are highly displayed with black roof rails and white skid plates.

The Tata Tiago NRG XT features an all-black interior with a minimalist dashboard design, fabric upholstery, manual AC, and a multifunctional steering wheel. The car also features a digital instrument cluster and Harman infotainment system. Multiple airbags, ABS, EBD, and crash sensors ensure the safety of passenger. Are you looking to switch from old car to this new version? Check with a Sell My Cars Sydney for best experience and buy a new car will be easier.

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