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Prospecting Secrets – How to Have People Come to You!



Prospecting is the life blood of any business, especially network marketing. A lot of network marketers quit within the first 90 days because they do not have the ability to prospect and find new prospects or leads. Does this sound familiar?

You’ve burned out you’re circle of influence and now your stumped on where to find new leads?

This leaves a terrible impression for allot of new network marketers.

One of the ways that you can conqueror this pitfall is to acquire the skill of generating leads online! Allot of training that we’re given in network marking worked well when the internet was not easily available, old school methods like inviting friends and family to network meetings, going to networking events to meet new people, talking to strangers and running classified ads in the newspapers.

These traditional MLM marketing methods have been overused and because of this are less effective. When you invite a family or friend to a meeting I bet that most of the time they already know it’s a business opportunity, the same way that most of the time you know a network marketing add when you see one.

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People develop an immunity to marketing techniques when there overused. Take for example door to door sales, When that first started I’m sure it was a massive success! But what do you think now when you answer the door and find a salesman ready to pitch you their product or service?

I believe that this is reason that people don’t turn up to MLM marketing meetings when they agree to, and don’t sign up to business opportunities even if you thought you gave a pretty good presentation.

I found that people have already made up their mind the moment you approach them. They already have their resistance raised and this is probably the reason that this industry has such a high dropout rate.

How do you fix that? What’s the secret of modern day prospecting? How can I have people come to me instead of me trying to find them?

It’s the INTERNET!

The question you should be asking yourself is “How can I turn myself into an online network marketing lead generation master!”

For every skill you acquire, you first have to go through the learning curb. The skill of getting leads online first starts with attracting people to your capture page or opt-in page.

When you have an opt-in page that’s well enough put together for your visitors to want to give away their names and contact information you, you’ve now acquired the first step in leveraging your home business online!

Lead Generating Though Internet Marketing

There’s a myth in network marketing that it’s very difficult to build a solid relationship online because network working is all about person to person interaction that the internet can’t provide.

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The truth is that the modern day internet helps people stay connected more easily online then it is offline! There are option like, Skype web conferences, pod-casting, online video social marketing and allot more. These things make it extremely easy to build maintain and even automate the process of relationship building on the internet.

If you have valuable information or tips that you think would help people struggling in network marketing, one of the things you can do is to put these into a series of email newsletters and upload them into an email auto responder to send them out regularly. This helps with the process of following up leads all automatically!

A very important tip for people who are new to Network marketing on the internet is that you should not show your companies generic network marketing prospecting page or sales pitch about products, meeting or business opportunities. But rather focus on branding you as a leader and creating a following by providing value to your target market.

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