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Huawei Returns to Work with Mandatory Health Checks

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April 1st, 2020: in China, the government issued lockdown ended in early February 2020, and to cope with the current global crisis surrounding the coronavirus, companies began making their way around it. China’s top smartphone company, Huawei, opened its headquarters at Shenzhen soon after the lockdown was over, with policies to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

As a means of guaranteeing a corona-free environment, the employees are supposed to go through a regular mandatory health check before they can enter the building. A mobile Health app has been designed solely for the purpose of a “daily health check-in” for where the employees are to confirm the absence of any symptoms of coronavirus.

This applies to all employees entering the premises of the office and if one fails to report in, their employee card would be sealed until they are cleared by the manager. It has been clearly stated that this is for the safety of those involved and thereby following these guidelines is in their best interest

In light of the current “social-distancing” policy, the CEO Eric Xu claimed that it is now clear that, “you don’t have to sit face-to-face to have a good meeting, and you don’t really have to all sit in one room to have a good press conference.” In line with this claim is the new dining policy in the Huawei headquarters.

Another of the things to take into consideration is the fact that the company can no longer introduce customers to showrooms with Huawei’s new equipment. Instead, they now have to work around the issue and one possible solution that the company has turned to is virtual tours for the executives.

The staff cafeterias will remain closed during work hours and all members are required to collect their meals from a central location and eat at their respective desks.

Xu has also stated that the pandemic has led to “new, unexpected challenges, like economic decline, financial turmoil and also shrinking market demand,” there has been a significant decline in profit made by the company and sales of smartphones following the lockdown. Now that the company has reopened, its top priority is to re-attain its profit.