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Malware Requires Special Protections



There is an increasing amount of malicious programming that is appearing all over cyberspace every day. Malware has infected both personal and professional computers the world over, and the deceptive nature through which it is often distributed can make it hard to identify and avoid. Not only that, but this criminal code comes in so many different flavors that an all-encompassing protection is near-impossible to find.

This is why layered security is so important. As threats evolve, it will be critical to have enough defense in place to cover every possible point of entry – including, but not limited to, the front door.

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Playing off of fears
While the perils of online computing have been well-documented, there are still people out there who are easily targeted by cybercriminals. Plenty of scam campaigns have been known to solicit people for information, but the rise of malware has made it much easier to get a foot in the door. It is going to be much harder these days to fool someone into thinking a Nigerian prince really wants to hide money in their personal bank accounts, but much easier to trick them into thinking they have committed a crime.

A current cybertheft campaign has done just that, most recently in Portage County, Wisconsin. Messages claiming to be from the area’s circuit court instruct targets to prepare to appear in court soon, and may contain prompts to click embedded links, which most likely contain malware.

Similarly, many people are concerned that they may already have malware on their computer. This is how the program known as BKDR_VAWTRAK has been spreading through Japan. What makes this threat unique, however, is that its creators have figured out how to circumvent and disable standard Windows anti-virus measures, effectively locking users out of their protections and leaving them helpless.

Anti-virus solution is not enough
But these are problems that can be stopped before they even have a chance to start. In addition to Anti-Virus, application whitelisting software such as Faronics Anti-Executable prevents malware and other harmful programs from executing even if they have already slipped past the firewall. It is not enough these days to just try keeping hackers out – there has to be an acceptance that some of them may get through as their efforts increase. In order to make sure these threats are stopped cold in their tracks, turn to application whitelisting for a wide-variety of protections.

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