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Hawks Bnha: Who is he? A traitor?



hawks bnha

Hawks Bnha is among the first warriors we meet in the Keigo Takami. He is a strong hero, and since we first met him, he has been rated second in the world across all heroes. Considering this, he is fresher than the majority of the other characters we are introduced to. Even though we didn’t have a lot of time to focus on his personality, we have far more than sufficient information to do so. While we’re in his friendships and connections, we’ll go through a lot of his talents and capabilities.

Finally, we’ll discuss his current role in the My Hero Academia anime. My Hero Academia is, without a doubt is among the most famous anime series around nowadays. It boasts among the most genuine online fan following, to the extent that the beginning of each season is a significant event. My Hero Academia seems to be a more classic shonen anime than some newer ones, yet it does everything well.

One of several show’s key selling features, including several older shonen, is its exciting and dynamic personalities ensemble. Particularly contrasted to other series, My Hero Academia has an extensive range of actors; most are complex and fascinating in their sense.

In addition, my Hero Academia is known for creating characters far more quickly than other series, giving individuals who don’t get much time in the spotlight a bit more substance than they might normally. Although being a minor secondary character that was only actually launched, it is clear that he is as engaging as, if not more fascinating as, several of the series’ better compelling characters. Hawks is, in reality, one of the most significant characters featured in the series, and he is unquestionably a crowd favourite.

Capabilities & strengths of the Hawks Bnha:

Hawks anime is a crucial secondary character in My Hero Academia, a famous 2014 comic Japanese anime show. He has been the Pro Hero Arc’s arc populating. Hawks play a modest yet crucial part in the sequel to My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Considering his youth, Keigo Takami is Japan’s No. 2 Pro Hero. At the age of eighteen, Keigo founded his personal Hero Agency and was listed within Japan’s leading ten Pro Heroes in under a year, being the country’s quickest Hero to provide it.

Hawks have a pair of crimson feathered wings on his back thanks to his quirky Fierce Wings. Essentially, mha hawks is a powerful Pro Hero who can take full advantage of his Fierce Wings Quirk. Due to his lack of sheer strength, he compensates by acting as a strong supporter when teamed up with more formidable heroes such as Endeavor. He is a valuable resource to the heroes because of his pure skill and quick understanding.

Hawks Bnha is espionage:

Hawks was competent in joining the Paranormal Liberation Front’s villains and putting himself across as wanting to work for them. Despite evading scrutiny from the organization’s members and employees, except for Dabi, who ultimately discovered him, Hawks was informed of the villain’s mistrust and shrugged him off well sufficient to locate Shigaraki.

Exceptional intellectual ability:

Hawks are incredibly intelligent, and apart from his peculiarity, he is also highly cunning, clever, and cunning. From an early age, he was instruct by the Hero Public Safety Commission. As a result, hawks have already been trained to deal with various situations and manage his facial characteristics, seeming flawlessly calm and comfortable while keeping continual attention.

hawks anime

Hawks have the militant wings:

Hawks’ aptitude offers him a pair of broad crimson wings that allow him to fly at high speeds. Aside from having flight, Hawks can telepathically control each of his plumages, allowing him to shoot them from his feathers for a variety of objectives, including assaulting criminals or helping bystanders. Hawks can utilize his longer feathers as swords since his wings are both solid and light.

Hawks could also use his feathers to hear noises and disturbances in the environment, letting him identify people and catch up on chatter and discussions. Unfortunately, the more wings Hawks utilizes, the worse his flight powers become. Hawks are also susceptible to becoming scorched or wiped out due to their feathers, making them easy to foes with fire skills. His prominent wings will recover in a couple of days if all of his plumages are damaged.


Keigo’s family was poor, and his father turn to this every while his spouse Tomie utilize her ocular separation Quirk to survey the area for any guards. Whenever his father apprehends killing somebody in a robbery effort, his mother takes him in, and Keigo conceives by chance. Keigo’s father violently and emotionally assaulted him, hoping the boy would have never been born; however, Keigo always brush it off since he thought his parents were damage by the heart. Keigo kept himself occupied by watching shows like Endeavor and All Might on TV. Tomie slipped Keigo out of another house to pick up an Endeavor doll, hoping that he would grow up to be as heroic as the Flame Hero.

Despite the beauty being his first actual property, Keigo feel close to it and begin to admire Endeavor. Because Endeavor apprehend his father, Keigo trust that heroes (especially his idol) were realistic. The other two Takamis, on the other hand, were force to quit the home since they were sheltering a runaway, and they were unwilling to live subject to a lack of funds and Tomie’s serious mental problems. When Keigo used his feathers to save multiple victims in an automobile tragedy one day, the Hero Public Safety Commission approached him. They pledge to offer Keigo and Tomie a fresh start. Erasing the surname Takami because it was now associate with a criminal.

The temperament of the Hawks Bnha:

Hawks is familiar for his laid-back, easygoing, and comfortable demeanour. As evidence by him stating his mind at the Hero Billboard Chart JP. Quietly soothing and enrage Endeavor, who intimates his manner was rude. He thought his laid-back appearance, is really on heightened alert. Gently stopping a thief, saving a puppy from being run over, and assisting an elderly lady with her suitcase. Hawks has also shown a willingness to communicate with his supporters, as evidenced by a group of them congratulating him on reaching the number two slot.

Apart from the Endeavor’s primitive outlook and elevated impatience, he welcomes him, applauding him as the Number One Hero and assisting him. He seems to have been a big admirer of Endeavor when he was a child, later revealed. Hawks have a lovely soul and want his colleague heroes to get a peaceful schedule. Where they can ease up now and then and have free time, despite being outspoken about his ideas. Unlike his easygoing and casual demeanour, he is highly anxious and firm to his hero duty, faithfully carrying out the HSPC’s commands.

Though his laid-back and easygoing demeanour, Hawks’ nature reveals a darker aspect throughout his recruitment of the Liberation Army. On the positive side, his morality is set off by his hate for Dabi after the murders. Which prompting him to strike the antagonist with one of his wing knives. He subsequently demonstrates that, while being a hero and a lovely person in spirit, he possesses the ability to kill. Though Hawks establish a relationship with Twice and gained his confidence. He felt terrible about deceiving him and ultimately had to breach his trust. Even though Twice is a villain, he quickly discovers him to be a wonderful person.

my hero academia hawks

Looks of the Hawks Bnha:

Hawks is a teenage boy of average height with golden hair tidy sideways. A set of gold-brown pupils that imitate bird eyes and some roughness beneath his chin. His Quirk bestows upon him a bunch of enormous, bright red wingtips with feathers that grow longer as they descend. Hawks hero suit is colour and cover with white wool, similar to an aviator’s outfit. He always dresses in a black shirt with a golden design beneath. A yellow-tinted helmet to shield his eyes, and black gauntlets. He’s also carrying headphones, which are consider to cover his ears from the high speeds he travels. He had severe wounds all across his body due to his battle with Dabi after the conflict. Following his rehabilitation, he had a scar that stretched across his jawline. With his latest hairdo, he is also sporting a neck collar and a fresh undercut.


Hawks Bnha is among the first warriors we meet in the series. Since we first met him, he has been rated second in the world across all heroes. He is as engaging as, if not more fascinating, several of the series’ better compelling characters. The beginning of each season is a significant event. Hawks play a modest yet crucial part in the sequel to My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Hawks’ aptitude offers him a pair of broad crimson wings that allow him to fly at high speeds. In addition, he can telepathically control each of his plumages. Which allows him to shoot them from his feathers for a variety of objectives, including assaulting criminals or helping bystanders.

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