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Kurogiri: Who is he? Nomu or Master of Warp Gate? (Hidden Quirk)




My Hero Academia has become one of the most popular anime shows on the air. The fans can’t get enough of each character’s unique quirks, abilities, and personalities. But how much do you know about Kurogiri? In reality, Kurogiri plays a much more significant role in My Hero’s narrative than was initially anticipate. All that you need to know about him is here. The first-time viewers of My Hero Academia meet Kurogiri is when he and Shigaraki attack. Class 1-A during the USJ incident. This Warp Villain first earned the name through his ability to transport. People from one place to another by engulfing them in a black fog. Shigaraki’s original ally and a villain with many layers, Kurogiri, has just begun to be unraveled in the manga.

What is Kurogiri’s real name?

mha kurogiri

People asking themselves why Kurogiri is so amicable despite being a villain might get. Their answer when the manga reveals that the villain is Eraserhead and Present Mic’s friend from U.A. High, Oboro Shirakumo. Kurogiri became the villain he is today because of All for One and Doctor Ujiko. One of their first experiments in Quirk theft. He was left as an amnesiac, with his memories now suppress by his Quirk. His real name is Oboro Shirakumo. The first syllable of his last name means white, while Kiri means to cut. This could be foreshadowing Kurogiri’s future role as Midoriya’s teacher.

If it turns out to be accurate, then kurogiri mha will play. A significant part in shaping Midoriya into who he is today. And if you think about it, there are hints that it may happen. For example, during Shigaraki’s battle against Endeavor at Hosu City. Kurogiri appear right after Endeavor. Gave up on saving civilians and decided to kill them instead. It seems like Kurogiri only saved people Endeavor didn’t want to keep—and just like that, all those people were safe.


kurogiri my hero

As you may guess from his name, Kurogiri’s entire body is made out of a purple mist with yellow eyes. Aside from his suit, tie, and metal jaw brace. Wearing his villain suit, the man hide in his dark fog with only the metal collar visible. He wears an all-black business suit, complete with a white shirt and black shoes. The most notable part of his appearance is his two gold teeth (which he seems to have had since birth). He also has long black hair that extends down to his shoulders. His hero form consists of wearing a formal tuxedo with a top hat, red bowtie, and white gloves.

His Personality

kurogiri my hero academia

Kurogiri has a more level-headed demeanor, which often soothes Tomura’s immaturity and fits. He is deeply devoted to All For One and Tomura, having been created to watch over the latter. As a Nomu, kirogiri is a program to only obey commands from a select few. So there is no way to extract any compromising information about the League from him. Kurogiri is polite and well-spoken to even his enemies, and, sometimes, he might introduce himself formally. It just so happens that even though he’s a member of the League of Villains. Stain possesses a genuinely dark disposition; this means that he has no qualms in doing whatever it takes to get his hands on U.A. Academy’s top student heroes.

Mha oboro was often seen working behind the bar in the League of Villains. first hideout at Kamino, Yokohama, at the beginning of the series. He is largely unknown in terms of personality, however. Furthermore, in his conversation with Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada, mha kurogiri expresses Oboro’s caring traits. He will worry about her and try to find out her status. Which Aizawa and Yamada can’t help but impress. They even call him something of a kindred spirit to Oboro, which he takes as a compliment.

What is Kurogiri’s Quirk?

my hero academia kurogiri

Kurogiri’s Quirk allows him to form and manipulate a black fog that is conjured from his head and hands. This fog has the power to create portals to other locations. When he produces this mass of the dark mist. It transports anything it comes in contact with to a place kurogiri my hero academia has already predetermined. His Quirk coordinate-base, so he needs to know the exact coordinates. Where he is suppose to open the exit portal to use it. Dabi can also have multiple exit points, so as you can see. When he stops the fight between Tomura, Dabi, and Himiko Toga. Each of their hands appears in a different location.

This Quirk’s utility and rarity make Kurogiri an incredibly vital asset to the League of Villains, as even Tomura. Despite annoy with Kurogiri during the raid on U.A. High School, he did not dare punish him had Nomu rescue him because he was the only way to escape. Warp Gate is an artificial Quirk made with several Quirks, with Oboro’s Cloud use as the base factor. As for Warp Gate, there like many Quirks in addition to Cloud that were utilizes to create it.

Why is Kurogiri a villain?

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One of his reasons for becoming a villain was that he decides. kurogiri wants to kill his father and replace him as head of The League of Villains. Since then, however, his plan changes multiple times. As he attempts to come up with ways to best fulfill what he’s trying to accomplish. He plans to create a new world so that all superpowered people treat equally. But only if they have received their powers through training or Quirks instead of being born with them. There won’t be discrimination against non-Quirkers anymore because everyone will be on an even playing field.

He’s The First Nomu

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Kurogiri my hero fans have already encountered a few different Nomu. But it’s hard to compare these mindless creatures to characters like Kurogiri. I think that Kurogiri is the first Nomu to show up. And one of the more intelligent ones, given his ability to think and speak. Oddly enough, Kurogiri seems to be more functional. Than even the high-ranking Nomu that appears after Endeavor. Becomes the Number One Hero, which begs why Doctor and All Might didn’t make more creatures like him. Perhaps the manga will answer that somewhere down the line.

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