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Android 11 Tries To Hit Market With Some Features Similar as IOS



  • Google released Android 11 beta on 10th June
  • Android 11 introduces features which were already present in IOS and users do not fail to notice
  • Apple has already sued Android once for allegedly copying its features
    June 11th, 2020: on 10th June, Google released Android 11 beta which introduces new features which allow users to handle complexity. Some of these new features, however, are alarmingly similar to the iPhone operating system.
    Last year, Android 10 beta initially introduced the native screen recording feature but it was removed before the official release. This feature reappears in Android 11 this year and users hope that it stays this time around.
    Android 11 appears to copy several iPhone features to gain popularity. Users have pointed out that the screenshot interface, speaker selection icon, and gesture navigation are surprisingly identical to IOS. With Android 11, screenshots will appear at the bottom left corner, exactly as in iPhone.
    Many Android and iPhone users have noticed how Apple features, in one way or another, always influence the Android operating system.
    Among the most significant features introduced in Android 11 is the use of smart Home controls that can be accessed by long-pressing the power menu button. This is near identical to the HomeKit control added to the Control Centre. Much like Apple introduced in their IOS 13, Android 11 now also gives users the opportunity to grant permissions case-by-case.
    According to this feature, the user will not be asked for any sweeping permission to access valuable content but can approve access for a particular case. Something that Android uniquely introduces, which takes it a step further, is that permissions granted in an application that is not used for quite some time will automatically be revoked.
    Apple users also find the Android 11 drop-down notification menu very familiar. This easy shifting between media is very similar to IOS’s AirPlay icon.
    A range of other features are also included in Android 11 introduced by Google, many of them unique to Android. Despite this, there is no ignoring the fact that indeed several features appear quite identical to those introduced by IOS.
    It is worth remembering that Apple has sued Android once before for allegedly “copying” IOS’s phone unlock style, in its slide-to-unlock feature. This, surprisingly, was only vaguely similar to IOS, yet Apple took legal action. It is yet to be seen if Apple disapproves of Android 11.
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Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, are they getting married




hyun bin and son ye jin

People from Around the World are asking for the entertainment of different types of categories. Different people have different types of entertainment like, they want to see movies of different kinds of countries. Like foreign films from other countries are available on the internet and in various types of industries. In the past, people only knew about the actor or actress from Hollywood or Bollywood. But because of the internet, people also learn about the actors or actresses from other countries like South Korea.Let have a talk about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin on their personal life.

If you research this, they will find that even in that country You will be able to find different movies available from that country and also be able to know about different actors and actresses and other things you can learn about as you know about the stories like from the Hollywood or the Bollywood. If you know about this country, you should also know about Hyun Bin’s actor and actress Son Ye Jin.

You must be understanding that why I am saying these types of actors and actresses in this article. This couple is trendy in that country and also around the world. Whoever knows about these actors and actress knows that this couple loves each other. Many people who know this couple are dating from anywhere, so now the people are asking when they will marry each other. 

If you research this couple on the internet, you will find that there are different stories available, like where they are living and what they are doing right now. Even the Rumors is saying that they are living in a costly Apartment of $4.5 Million. People from around the world love this couple, and also the fans are also asking them about when they will marry each other and what they are doing. This is the thing the fans have the interest not only about this couple but also the other couples around the world. The movie industry has different types of stories like this in Hollywood and Bollywood and other industries with movies and actresses and whatnot. 

Their relationships:

According to the research done, this couple says they are pleased to become the relationship at the next level. They have different pictures on the internet to show the fans that they are a couple but talking about the marriage, there is no answer for that. Various friends and different movie people say that because this couple has been earning a lot of money in the past years, whenever they plan to have the marriage, it will be a very Grand wedding that the whole world will see. Some of this couple’s stories say they are planning to have the marriage as soon as possible, but they have not said anything like this. But the reports available from the different essential people say that they have taken some of the enormous decisions and are very important and can tell you that this couple will have the marriage very soon. 

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Hyun Bin sold the house?

This actor has sold his old house to live with Son Ye Jin. This report is available from different people who can be called that they have a true story. You can easily say that they have the source that has told them this very personal information. That is why we can easily say that this cover will be having a very soon, but this is a sorrowful story with no date about it for the fans. 

 The fans are also asking where this couple is living right now, and the sources are giving some information for that also, but we are not going to tell you that. We want to say to you that where they live is a perfect type of building, and also they are living in a building where other types of South Korean actors and other important people are living. As we have told you, the building is costly, and the apartment they live in is expensive. Still, because Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin love each other and are thinking of marrying in the future. We can easily say that it is a perfect decision. They are talking about why they have decided to buy this type of apartment, which is very expensive. We can tell you that both of them are earning a lot of money.

If they have the money, then why not forget the excellent type of apartment together. We don’t know that who has paid the money for the apartment, but we can say that the actor or the future husband has paid the money for getting this apartment. 

hyun bin girlfriend

How good the couple is?

 If you want to know personally about how good this couple is, you can search yourself on the internet, and you will find that not only in South Korea but also in other countries, this couple is trendy. The pictures available on the internet about this couple come from many years, and people love them. 

 This couple doesn’t feel angry to show their pictures on the internet about how much they love each other and how beautiful they look with each other. No wonder the fans love them together, and also, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are willing to see this couple getting married as soon as possible.  

If you use the couple’s name on the internet, then the stories about them will be having from different websites. You will also find that the fans are asking that if they have bought this costly house. They should marry as soon as possible. So the fans are saying that if they have decided to pay a lot of money to get this apartment, which is expensive and for the couple, why not they Marry and show their fans how much they love each other. 

 We also have the source for the people that this couple is deciding to marry as soon as possible. But they have no date. So we can easily say that they may marry. Still, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have not said a single thing about this thing. So, we can’t tell you when they will marry, but according to the fans and the research. We have done in this regard, we will be able to have this happy news very soon. 

Even though we can’t say that the information the fans are looking for is evil. We can easily say that the fans should not make them angry because it is this couple’s thing. When the news is there, this couple will tell you personally. All the fans know that you have seen their pictures on the internet. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, which means they are the couple right now. Because they have made critical decisions in this regard, they are finding the future together. So, because of their love for each other, their story will come soon. 

But fans should not disturb them and let them use their own time for themselves. Not for the world around them. No matter how much research the source for other news people. They tried to ask them that how much they love each other or what type of relationship they have. This couple has not told that but we can easily say through the pictures they have released. Many people have taken the pictures on the street that. They love each other a lot and also, the source is telling that they are living together. So, they are the couple right now but didn’t tie the knot. 

son ye jin hyun bin


The couple we have talked about in this article is trendy around the world. They are popular because of being the actor and actresses. The reason because they are a genuine life couple even though they are from the South Korea movie industry. They are famous around the world being the real-life couple. This is because they look lovely together and also they are from a country. Which doesn’t have anything or any problem to show to the world.

You will love the faces of the South Korean people. You will love that how happy they look as we have told you at the start of the article. That even though the South Korean movies are not very popular around. But still the people of that country are getting popular because of the uses of the internet. People got bored because they only saw movies from Hollywood or Bollywood. But today they are also going to the other industries, and they love them. 

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Everything to know about online slots




Many people or we can say that majority of the people registered themselves in the online slots but do not know much about online slots pgslot. When you do not have enough information regarding a point or a factor, you cannot be assured that you are going to get benefit from that. The online slots also require proper understandings first and then joining it. If you need to know almost everything regarding online slots, you are going to get that information here.

Read the terms and conditions page

Almost every gaming site that is trustworthy will provide the users with the terms and conditions page. If you are thinking of joining an online slots site, then you must first search for the terms and conditions page. The benefit of reading the page is:

  • You will get to know about the rules of the sites.
  • You will know if the site is legal or illegal in your region or country.
  • You will know about the presence of your favorite game.
  • You will know about the games that are illegal, and then you can avoid this site if your preferred game is illegal.

So, these are the reasons for going through the terms and conditions face. Most people who ignore this page will then face the consequences of ignoring or avoiding it.

There are fraud sites

Whenever the word internet strikes your mind, the first factor coming to your mind will be a fraud. If there are 20 sites present for a common cause, then there are chances that the 15 of the sites will be trustworthy are the rest ones will be a fraud. There are high chances that you will pick trustworthy sites, but the possibility of picking the illegal fraud websites cannot be ignored. So, to minimize the factor of fraud, you can do detailed or proper research to save yourself. These are the ways from which you can know about fraud websites:

  • If there is no terms and conditions page, then the website may fraud.
  • If the website demands a heavy amount of money, it is fraud.
  • If they are asking about the bits of personal information, the website is not trustworthy.

Things to avoid at online slots:

You have always heard about the advantages that the online slots offer, but you must take the things to avoid side by side, and these are:

  • Do not share any kind of personal information that can lead to accessing more of your data. In this way, the fraud or illegal website will make negative use of your personal information, and you will be held accountable for what you have not done.
  • When you are constantly winning the games in the online slots, try to take a break from online slots sometime. You may be thinking that you will also win the next game, but you cannot be sure about it.
  • Do not try to use the same strategy over and over. In this way, you will be predictable by the opponents.

Benefits of online slots:

Some common benefits of online slots are as follows:

  • You are going to get countless benefits in online casinos. You can rather say there are bonuses on every step.
  • You can treat the online slots as some type of part-time job. You can manage your schedule according to that.
  • You will not have to take your steps out of the house. You can easily play while being in your home.
  • There will be no restriction of the transaction process because this section is flexible, and you can take out your money easily.


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Matthew M. Williams is the new creative director for Givenchy




Givenchy replaces its creative director during Lockdown in June 2020.
French Fashion house selects Willams for his unique approach.
Givenchy announces Willams as their artistic director after Clare Waight.
June 15, 2020, Givenchy nominated Matthew Williams as the company’s new creative director. The American fashion planner is steering from a 34-year-old famous American designer, Clare Waight Keller, who ventured down from the job in mid-April following three years in charge.
In an announcement by Fashion house, the USA, Williams, will take on all imaginative obligation regarding all people’s assortments and present his first assortment in October, said he was anticipating moving the brand “into another period, in light of innovation and inclusivity.”
In an era where Fashion Brands are trying to cope with the increasing competition day by day, the company believes that Mathew’s approach will be notably not the same as that of Waight Keller. She was the female representative of Givenchy, who has been restoring the house’s high fashion atelier, and adjusting the brand to new envoys was her main focus, including the wedding outfit she designed for the Duchess of Sussex back in 2018. On the other side, it seems like he has been deciding to draw in another client’s age by injecting the mark with an edgier tasteful, much like that seen under Riccardo Tisci, who ventured down as innovative chief at Givenchy in 2012 following 12 years.

This is big news in the fashion world and every eye is on Mathew

Williams, the creative director of Givenchy, tries to spread positivity worldwide through his unique fashion sense. This marketing strategy of his is attracting the new generation of today. He always tries to address the fights around racial imbalance across ventures as of late. In an interview, he said that “my prosperity was clashing because we’re living in exceptional occasions on the planet, and I trust here and there I can carry trust and with my locale and partners make a positive change for our industry and the world, and I might want to utilize this stage to spread this positive message to the world.

Mathew Williams is a self-trained fashion designer who has been working with many famous artists and performers, including Lady Gaga and Kanye West, before establishing Alyx in 2015. In broad terms, his collection ” the street wear” as a term is regularly ring-fenced as hoodies, T-shirts, mentors, and track pants, as opposed to the state, outfits, and suits. There is no uncertainty, in any case, that this tasteful sells. In a report in 2019, Price Waterhouse Cooper assessed the market as worth near £145b in deals, and Givenchy is putting resources into future buyers via this arrangement.

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A day of remembrance in china for the people who died of covid-19




Chinese stand still nationwide for the people who died.
Cars and trains bang their horns and people raise flags and flown at half mast.
Chinese pay virtual respect and praise to their ancestors and beloved ones.
April 4th, 2020: in china, the people out there pay a tribute who died while fighting with this deadly virus. They mourn for the victims of covid-19 by observing 3 minutes silence and making a new record of standing still nationwide. They also bang the horns of their cars and trains and also by raising their flags. The first case of covid-19 was detected in China which was further spread throughout the world.
President of china told in his speech that this silence is observed also for the medical and Para medical staff died from this viral attack while treating the patients. It includes the doctor named “LI WENLIANG” who died from covid-19 while treating the patients. The nurse in WUHAN also stated that “I hope that the dead may rest in peace” also it is being stated that “I felt very sad for all the colleagues and patients we had lost”.
China first informed the world health organization about the death rates in WUHAN due to of unknown reasons in december 31, 2019. After sometime, they found out the threat which a virus is named corona. In January the confirmed cases has risen to 60 but the researchers stated that the real figures were approximately 17,000.
This drastic increase in the number of patients had put the Chinese government into difficulty. They did their best to stop this pandemic but they did not know that it can spread even by standing near to the patient. When people traveled for the celebration of new lunar event, the cases increased from hundreds to thousands.
From this point it first spread into Shanghai, SHENZHEN or BEIJING. And then it further spreads into ASIA, EUROPE and other parts of the world. This cause lock down everywhere in the world and the world is facing severe financial and economical crises now. But china is now coming back to the normal life as it progresses in defeating this deadly virus.
Now American is ranking on the top in death rates and number of confirmed cases throughout the states. Italy is at the second number of covid-19 patients.

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Doctors warn India for an Onslaught in upcoming days




-Dharavi Slum to be the target area of Covid-19
-Doctors warn citizens of extreme outbreak
-Social distancing should be taken seriously in slums

April 4,2020: The death of the 56 year old man due to the COVID-19 in Dharavi slum, Mumbai, India has appeared to be very alarming for Indians. The Indian doctors have warned the country that they must be prepared to encounter an ‘onslaught’ of corona virus cases that can potentially not only cripple their health system but also start a medical crisis on an extreme level,such that not even the US and Europe are experiencing.

As reported by CNN, BMC stated that the patient who has no record of travel history tested positive for coronavirus and died just hours later as he was transferred to a local hospital, Kiran Dighavkar,Mumbai.

Considering that there is little to no mechanisms of sanitation in slums, doctors feel that the situation can be unimaginable and the outbreak would be extreme and will spread rapidly through one Indian slum if the social distancing won’t be taken seriously.

Dr. Naresh Trehan, who believes that it is important for authorities to be well aware of whether there is an outbreak in slums stated

“Once we know that one slum has got it, and we lock it down, and we feed everybody and we keep them isolated for the next two weeks, we keep them well fed, it will work its way out. We will know the critical ones, and the ones who are mild, they can be quarantined at home, and the population at large can be monitored,”

Doctors believe that the 21 day national lock down, imposed by PM Narendr Modi, should be taken extremely seriously as Indians have reported 230 cases on Friday, which brings their national tally to 2547 along with 62 dates.

The population density of Dharavi slum is known to be 30 times more than New York, and is a home to millions. Multiple coronavirus related deaths have been reported in the slums who died a few hours later after being reported.

The fear increases when we come to know that their family who has been in contact also tests positive for the virus and have to be quarantined. Doctors fear that if social distance and won’t be taken seriously then India’s tally will soon reach that of the USA and Europe.

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