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Android 11 Tries To Hit Market With Some Features Similar as IOS



  • Google released Android 11 beta on 10th June
  • Android 11 introduces features which were already present in IOS and users do not fail to notice
  • Apple has already sued Android once for allegedly copying its features
    June 11th, 2020: on 10th June, Google released Android 11 beta which introduces new features which allow users to handle complexity. Some of these new features, however, are alarmingly similar to the iPhone operating system.
    Last year, Android 10 beta initially introduced the native screen recording feature but it was removed before the official release. This feature reappears in Android 11 this year and users hope that it stays this time around.
    Android 11 appears to copy several iPhone features to gain popularity. Users have pointed out that the screenshot interface, speaker selection icon, and gesture navigation are surprisingly identical to IOS. With Android 11, screenshots will appear at the bottom left corner, exactly as in iPhone.
    Many Android and iPhone users have noticed how Apple features, in one way or another, always influence the Android operating system.
    Among the most significant features introduced in Android 11 is the use of smart Home controls that can be accessed by long-pressing the power menu button. This is near identical to the HomeKit control added to the Control Centre. Much like Apple introduced in their IOS 13, Android 11 now also gives users the opportunity to grant permissions case-by-case.
    According to this feature, the user will not be asked for any sweeping permission to access valuable content but can approve access for a particular case. Something that Android uniquely introduces, which takes it a step further, is that permissions granted in an application that is not used for quite some time will automatically be revoked.
    Apple users also find the Android 11 drop-down notification menu very familiar. This easy shifting between media is very similar to IOS’s AirPlay icon.
    A range of other features are also included in Android 11 introduced by Google, many of them unique to Android. Despite this, there is no ignoring the fact that indeed several features appear quite identical to those introduced by IOS.
    It is worth remembering that Apple has sued Android once before for allegedly “copying” IOS’s phone unlock style, in its slide-to-unlock feature. This, surprisingly, was only vaguely similar to IOS, yet Apple took legal action. It is yet to be seen if Apple disapproves of Android 11.
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