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An Exegesis In Feminomenology



Feminomenology is a term which comes from Feminism and Phenomenology (the study of consciousness mind or the spirit). It is used to connote a post-postmodern Philosophy that aims to analyse the working of woman’s consciousness.

The contents of Feminomenology include the following and they are the Eve complex, the nightingale complex, the snow-white complex and the complex of the Medusa.

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Now what is Eve complex? It is known through scriptures that Eve was tempted by the Devil who came in the disguise of the Serpent and made her eat the forbidden fruit and she ate it and also gave some to her husband. What can this denoted for Philosophy? Eve eating the fruit is the beginning of a feminine consciousness. It marks the beginning of femiduality (feminine and individuality). Eve’s rather so called misdeed marks the beginning of Philosophy. It is the Philosophy of gnosis, a philosophy which gave its roots for feminine fecundity. Eve is an archetype of an all knowing epistemology. When Eve ate the fruit she embarked upon the Philosophy of Knowing which became a becoming. Eve became the mother of all knowledge. She asserted her independence in a creative, exotic and esoteric manner. She became the Philosopher par-excellence. She came into the Gnosis of knowing.

The second complex that I would like to take upon is the Nightingale complex? The nightingale complex denotes mother-hood, home making and fostering a family life. The Nightingale complex is a role that is myriad with duties and responsibilities. The nightingale complex denotes a woman who is passionate of being the self, a subjective entity who finds happiness and harmony in fulfilling the role of a matriarch. And at the same time she is self-independent and self-reliant. She performs her duties with zeal and passion. She is a homely bourgeoisie with roots grounded in love, harmony and peace.

The third complex that I would like to expound is the snow-white complex. The snow-white complex is a woman who has the archetype of a lover. Her love is a myth of poetic subjectivity. Her love embodies an erotic carnival of ecstasy. She is conscious about her body and needs. She has the heart of a poet. What all types of love can reign within the heart of the woman embodying snow-white complex? She clamours for the fruit of phallic delights. She is also in odyssey with the body of her subjective self. She is a sexual discovery of being. She is a harlot of poetry.

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Now what is Medusa Complex? The Medusa complex is a philosophic mooring that traces the birth of the beginning of Femi duality (feminism and individuality). In the Medusa complex she is a Philosopher of consciousness. She is free as an archetype of independence. She is a witch who celebrates the meaning of life in a narcissism of existence. She is a woman of promise who asserts her independence. She is a self-made woman with the sole virtue of individuality. Medusa complex is the self-assertive feminine consciousness of the woman. She is an eclectic catharsis of the awakening of a creative soul.


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