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A Brief Guide on Load Boards For Shippers and Freight Brokers



A Brief Guide on Load Boards For Shippers and Freight Brokers

Nowadays, it is a necessity for anyone in the freight transport industry to take advantage of load boards or freight boards. These are virtual marketplaces that contain a list of different carriers where shippers and freight brokers can choose from considering the needs of their business and the carriers’ load capacity. Find out more about load boards, how to use them efficiently, and why they are beneficial to your business.

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How to Access

Primarily, load boards can be accessed online via a designated website or an app via Google Play Store or Apple Store. Upon access, you would be required to log in or sign up. Once you’re already registered in the site or app, you can already browse through different options. If you are a carrier or a trucking operator, you will have the ability to post your load capacity, and if you are a shipper or a freight broker, you can start searching for the most appropriate carrier to ship your items. Of course, these load boards allow you to communicate with each other via chat box or you can call or email too. Contact information is provided in each of the carrier or shipper’s profiles. For successful transactions, you can also rate your experience with the shipper, broker or carrier. You can actually take advantage of the ratings and reviews portion as a way to sift the best company to cater for your needs. Some load boards also allow parties to send contracts and bid on it.

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How to Use

Whenever the shippers, which pertains to manufacturing companies, and the freight brokers have goods or items needing transport, they just access their preferred load boards to post their loading needs. The freight brokers, acting on behalf of the shippers in posting loads, always make sure that the information they post is updated and comprehensive. Some shippers prefer to get help from them so they can focus on managing their business and maximizing manufacturing capacity than having to supervise the loading and unloading of the items themselves.

In every postings, you will see the specifics of the load requirement, which include the type of item to transport, how heavy it is in kilos or grams, where it will be picked up, where it shall be delivered, the preferred days of delivery, packaging or handling requirements, and many other information for the efficient transport. As a freight broker or shipper you have to be very fast in checking updates posted by the carriers so you are always ahead since there are a lot of companies needing fast and affordable transport in the midst of the pandemic.


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