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Making a movie catalog can be big fun whether you have only a few DVDs or you have an entire wall full of movies. If it sounds complicated and like something you’d rather avoid, then you’re probably picturing lists, spreadsheets or databases that it takes time to format properly. Or you’re picturing hours and hours of typing all the information into those lists and spreadsheets. But with the right movie catalog software, you won’t have to format anything, and you’ll only have to type in a keyword to find your movie. Then with a click or two, your movie’s listed.

Movie catalog

That’s much simpler than you imagined, isn’t it? Now imagine all the things you can do with the movie catalog you create thanks to this almost magical movie catalog software. If you don’t have many movies, you’re getting a head start with very little catch-up to do. Simply search on a keyword and the movie catalog software will present you with a list of possible movies. Choose yours, and the movie is listed in your movie catalog.

You’ll get much more than the title, though. Year of release, studio, category like horror or romance, lead actors and even detailed cast and crew listings will automatically be added, too. And a great fun addition that you won’t find in that generic ‘inventory’ software, you’ll get the DVD cover, too. If you love movie images, you can take screen captures from the DVD and add them to your movie catalog. You can even play the DVD right through the software, so if you’re browsing your catalog and decide you’d really like to see that great kissing scene, or that great car chase and explosion, go ahead and watch it without having to open your DVD player or move to another room with a TV.

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And you’ll be able to sort your movies however you like. Choose custom labels, not the headings that some movie catalog software insist upon you using. Maybe you’re a horror buff who knows that feature creatures should not go into the same category as slasher films (blasphemy!), or you know that Bogart’s films really aren’t the same category as Chaplin’s, even though they’re all classics. Make your own labels for your movie catalog and sort them accordingly. You can be as detailed as you want with the right movie catalog software.

Choose movie catalog software that lets you list HD or Blu-Ray DVDs, television series with complete episode information, and that even allows special plug-ins to list things like adult movies (right along with the option to password protect your movie catalog) so you’ll have a complete movie catalog viewable at the touch of a button.

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