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Traveling to South Korea – Now is a Great Time to Book Reservations



Now is a great time to visit Korea. Although you have heard a bit of unpleasant news lately about the region and might be skeptical, you should reconsider, let me tell you why. Prices have been been reduced 30%, as tourists have been shying away from this great region of significant historical wonder. And yes, there is some unfortunate news too.

Recently, North Korea tested another nuclear weapon in an effort to show the world their strength. Previously, North Korea had promised in six nation party talks to make a trade and stop making nuclear weapons. Those negotiations have fallen through and now North Korea has sat in defiance of the international community by launching missiles, long range ICBM type and detonating a second nuclear weapon.

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One thing that folks do not understand is that all these shenanigans in North Korea are hurting the travel and tourist industry in Korea, because people hear something negative about the region and then are afraid to travel near there, even though it is perfectly safe to visit South Korea.

North Korea’s defiance is not aimed at aggression towards South Korea, rather at trying to put itself back on the world stage as a “player” amongst more powerful nations of the world. Whereas this is very unfortunate for the South Korean economy during our Global Economic slowdown, it is also very good for those who wish to save some serious money on travel.

For instance, Asia Airlines has reduced rates and you can get a travel package to visit Japan, China and/or South Korea all together for a really low rate. One of the best known Travel Tour Companies and one I like to use is HanaTour, it’s perhaps the largest in all of South Korea.

“You’ll love South Korea” says Min-Young Kim one of the top travel specialists in the business, “Now is probably the best time to book a trip, as prices have been reduced considerably.” Perhaps, it does make sense to take advantage of this international crisis and much to do media event, and save yourself and family some money on travel, as the rates are excellent right now.

If your budget travel plans require you to get the best deals possible, then you’ll want to take advantage of this one-time dip in prices. Hotels, airfair and tours are all significantly reduced for this region throughout the travel industry.

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