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The 7 Best Mel Brooks Movies That You Should Watch



mel brooks movies

Mel Brooks born in Westchester, New York. And his interest in comedy from an early age, writing jokes for newspaper columnists and amateur contest winners when he was still in high school. After studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Brooks began performing stand-up comedy while working on Broadway shows as an actor and writer and eventually signed with Universal Studios as a comedic actor. After appearing in several TV specials, his big break came in 1967 with The Producers and his producing partner, composer, and lyricist Sheldon Keller. Learn more about his work below by reading the Mel brooks movies ranked movies.

Young Frankenstein


Young Frankenstein movie is one of the best movies in the Mel brooks movies list. This movie define comedy as much as Young Frankenstein. It’s just not possible to watch it and not laugh. But how do you rate something so funny, knowing that so many other comedies try (and fail) to emulate it? Yes, there have been more popular comedies in recent years—such as Ghostbusters and Anchorman—but we’ll always think of Dr. Frankenstein first when thinking about laughs. Gene Wilder is a comedic legend for good reason and his role in Young Frankenstein—where he plays a young doctor that tries to follow his grandfather’s footsteps—won him an Oscar nomination for best actor.

In addition to being one of the funniest mel brooks movies ever made, Young Frankenstein also mark director Mel Brooks’ big-screen debut. His career would go on to be one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed directors, with Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights all gaining cult-like followings over time. If you don’t know these movies by heart already, then prepare yourself because they’re sure to go down as some of cinema’s greatest moments.



The first thing you have to understand about Spaceballs is that it’s not a Star Wars movie. Sure, it stars Mark Hamill, and Daphne Zuniga, who played Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back. And yes, it has a lot of in-jokes about Star Wars. But make no mistake: This is a space opera for people who don’t like space operas. It’s sarcastic and silly (and often very gross). Still, because of its willingness to be self-referential and satirical, Spaceballs doesn’t feel like it was made by bitter fans. Though that was most likely director Mel Brooks’ motivation when he made it.

Indeed, watching an entire Star Wars trilogy for inspiration could seem like a sad sack attempt at being hip; instead, what we got from Brooks was an original piece of science fiction parody. He filled his movie with memorable characters from Han Solo ripoff Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) to Esmerelda. Who looks like Jabba the Hutt if he had been force-fed one too many doughnuts (Daphne Zuniga). There are so many quotable lines in Spaceballs—the only downside is picking just one to quote.

Robin Hood

mel brooks movies list

It’s easy to forget how influential Robin Hood: Men in Tights was. After all, it was just a comedy. But back in 1993, every comedian on TV suddenly had new material for their act. Subsequent Men in Tights-style spoofs have been almost as successful. And even if you haven’t seen Robin Hood: Men in Tights, you can probably still recite lines from it without trying too hard—and that says a lot about what makes it so unique. The writing is intelligent and funny (Mel Brooks hit his stride with 1991’s underrated Life Stinks). And Robin Hood’s part is surprisingly layer for a movie like this.

In some ways, he has more emotional complexity than Maid Marian or Sir Hiss. Sure, he’s goofy looking, and there are plenty of jokes at his expense—but he also faces off against enemies who are much more intelligent than him. He helps an oppressed people rise against an evil king while remaining loyal to Richard I. And he saves England in one of history’s most significant moments of strategic genius while dressed like a teenage girl. In short, there may be no other film where being both stupid and brilliant simultaneously works quite.

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Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

Simply put, it’s one of the best comedies of all time. From its satirical take on racism to Eddie Rochester Anderson’s angry-and-hungry fuming over a white man writing blackface routines for him, Blazing Saddles remains one of Mel brooks filmography’s most timely and timeless films. Plus, there are so many quotable lines and memorable scenes that if you don’t know them already (or even if you do), you should be watching Blazing Saddles immediately. Start with these lines. Get your stinkin’ hands off me; you darn dirty ape.

Or that does it! I will not stand here and be insult by some half-witt motorcycle cop! Hey, where’s my horse? That stupid kid went out for lunch came back on foot. He retook my horse. What the hell’s he want a horse for? We live in an elevator! For God’s sake, people—move out of my way—I’m riding a horse. Oh great, now we have to walk home. Or A miserable city slicker forced me up here into the woods.

History of the World, Part I

History of the World, Part I

A product of his time, writer/director’ and actor Mel brooks favorite target for satire was fascism and anti-Semitism. A true master of Jewish humor—both verbal and visual—Brooks is notorious for casting himself as a nervous wreck in many of mel brooks movies. Often, it’s hard to tell if he’s poking fun at his demeanor or making light of a dangerous situation. Either way, all these years later, some might argue that what appear to be comedy back then would probably fall flat in today’s world (not every joke about Nazis holds up when you see them up close). However, despite our modern sensibilities toward these subjects, parts still play out as satirical gold.

History of The World Part I contains one such scene. Dr. Moreau: [to Bongo] Bongo, please go to Egypt on your carpet and bring me Queen Nefertiti’s left ear. He was stolen from her tomb when she fell asleep after a long night at an orgy with Ramses II. Unless somebody took it before him if anybody did take it before him, show them where they’re buried because otherwise. They’re going to ruin everything! Show them their head.

Silent Movie

Silent Movie

To understand why Silent Movie is one of best Mel Brooks movies, you have to know a bit about his career. He’s been one of Hollywood’s leading comedy directors since 1974 when he released Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles in rapid succession. Those two films alone would have been enough to cement his status as a comedy icon. But they were only part of his masterpiece run from 1970-74. Four months after creating an entire genre (the Western spoof) with Blazing Saddles, he released The Producers, which became a Broadway hit and turned into another major motion picture.

In between these two classics as Silent Movie, it remains one of his most quotable works even today. It doesn’t quite reach Ridiculous or Hysterical levels. But that’s okay. Not every Mel Brooks film can be his funniest movie ever made. That’s not how comedy works. But there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes than watching Silent Movie and letting yourself laugh hard at all its jokes; All Mel brooks movies still hold up decades later despite changes in cultural norms.


Dracula Mel Brooks Movies

Although it was come out in a year when horror mel brooks movies were all over Hollywood. Dracula was able to stand out among them. With Jack Nicholson and Frank  playing their respective roles as Vlad The Impaler and Dracula, the movie has been remembered for its excellent casts and superb actors’ performances. A must-watch for every film fan out there! ​ Night of The Living Dead: What can be more frightening than zombies walking around? Audiences wanted to know before watching a zombie thriller like ‘Night of The Living Dead,’ which showed that if you scare people enough.

They will remember you forever. It even took an Award at Cannes Film Festival under George Romero. Blazing Saddles:  Adding insult to injury is what director Mel Brooks did with his 1974 American Western parody ‘Blazing Saddles.’ Audiences are treating with another hit after ‘Young Frankenstein (1974)’! If you haven’t seen these two films yet, we suggest that you do it today while they are streaming online or if not, why not order those DVDs from Amazon.

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