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Living in Thailand



Living in Thailand might be something you are considering at this time. There are many questions and areas to consider before you pack up and leave your home country for Thailand. This article will review some of the major considerations you will need to put thought toward if you are serious about living in Thailand for a long or short time.


Unless you are going to live in Thailand off your savings, you are going to have to figure out a way to make money to pay your bills. Yes, you have bills in Thailand but, they are quite affordable. Rent for a house might cost you two hundred dollars in a town away from Bangkok. In Bangkok an apartment might be four hundred dollars. Food outside Bangkok will be about three hundred dollars. In Bangkok, the sky is the limit.

Most choosing to live in Thailand are teachers. In Bangkok, with a bachelors degree and a TEFL (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language) certificate one could make $1,500 per month on average. Some teachers make quite a bit more than that. Outside Bangkok the average starting teacher salary is about $1,000 per month.

Finding a teaching job in Thailand is quite easy if you have a bachelors degree from your home country and English is your native language.

If you do not wish to teach English then the other primary option is to work in Bangkok with one of the many companies there which need English speakers. There may be companies from your home country with an office in Bangkok that need employees. Use online research to find these positions.

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Choosing a Place to Live in Thailand

Thailand is quite a large and diverse country in terms of climate and terrain. There are mountain areas, virtual desert areas, and lush tropical jungle. Where you live in Thailand will be a major consideration. The right place for you to live is here – the issue is just choosing where to live.

The warm months in Thailand are February through June. The rainy season runs May through December. From November to January it is usually cool.

Northern Thailand is characterized by mountains, heavy rains, and very cool temperatures in the winter months. It never snows in Northern Thailand, and it gets quite hot in the summer.

Central Thailand is mostly flat and includes Bangkok and surrounding provinces. The central region is very hot when it is not raining, and when it is raining – floods often. Bangkok is known as the hottest city in the world due the night time temperatures remaining very warm. You will need air conditioning in Bangkok.

Northeastern Thailand is flat and very dry, even during the rainy season and the summer months are blistering hot. During winter it does get very cool and if you are riding a motorbike you will need a winter jacket to remain warm enough.

Southern Thailand is lush jungle and, though it’s quite warm even during winter months, the nights are cool enough that no air conditioning is needed. The land is mostly flat in the southern provinces with rolling hills and stunning limestone mountain topography.

If you need to be near the ocean, the southern provinces are where you will need to be. If you like the mountains, the north is for you.

If you are concerned about the friendliness of people in Thailand, you need not be. Thai people are friendly across the country, but most visitors say the northern and northeastern Thais are the friendliest.


There are a number of safety considerations you should be aware of. Thailand is a country far different from wherever you hail.

Thailand has 45 species of poisonous snakes, 9 types of scorpion, and many other stinging animals like jellyfish, spiders, and insects. One of the smallest biting pests is the most troublesome… mosquitoes.

Malaria, Dengue Fever, Chikungunra, and encephalitis are all found in Thailand and transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Mosquito repellant is a must – and anything with DEET 28+ usually works well.

Driving in Thailand is a real horror-show, and you would be wise to ease into it. First, you will be driving on the left side of the road, which might be a change for you. Secondly, the driving habits in Thailand are quite different from anywhere you have probably been. To say driving in Thailand is dangerous is vast understatement.

If you are a person that intends on enjoying the nightlife in Thailand there are numerous considerations to take into account. Use and possession of illicit drugs are penalized very strictly in Thailand and for anything with heroin or methamphetamine you might be looking at more than ten years in a Thai prison.

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Fights often erupt in bar situations and you really should know what to do in these instances.

There are many safety issues that confront the visitor or person wishing to live in Thailand long-term. Below I have linked to an entire survival guide dedicated to the topic of safety in Thailand. It just might save your life.

One of my passions while living in Thailand has been developing the “Thai Black Book” for visitors and persons looking to live in Thailand either briefly or long-term. This book covers many safety issues that you need to be aware of, but that are not covered in any other Thailand guidebook.


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