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Jewelry made from cremation ashes in the UK



It is always a matter of wonder to think about objects that could help preserve the memory of a loved one? It may be hard to account for your grief if you just lost someone important, and it might be for months or even years that you worry about what to do with their ashes.

But memorial jewelry can be an excellent way for those who want to feel closer to a loved one, which also gives my customers such a high level of satisfaction that they can wear a lovely piece of cremation jewelry where ever they go.

In this regard, we mention few things about Cremation Jewellery and Memorial Jewelry that we think are essential to know:

You need a small amount of ash for it.

Many of my clients would be pretty surprised that only a tiny amount of your beloved ashes is needed to produce some excellent memorial jewelry. The less used, the better because the sun will glow through the glass and reveal its true elegance and complex patterns from ashes into jewelry.

Usually, unused ashes are returned (although you verify that this is the case with your selected Cremation Jewelry company), along with the finished product.

It is possible to fuse various ashes into jewelry.

Maybe you would like to add a single piece of jewelry from the ashes of two or three separate family members or loved ones – this is very simple and means that you will have both your parents or grandparents in one particular pendant or memorial jewelry ring along with you.

Colors of your choice

Another big plus is that you can also order Cremation Jewelry in your favorite colors. Most websites give you a selected choice of colors, but certain businesses may offer you a personalized color of your choice.

This will entail waiting a little longer when ordering the jewelry, and it can also take expertise to get the color accurate, and it will also depend on how much heat the cremation jewelry went through.

It should be trackable.

I can’t emphasize how important this point is. I will never forgive myself if anything too personal was lost during delivery. Most businesses ensure your unique jewels’ safe shipment through tracked mail or courier to ensure that this never happens.

The shipping approach varies between companies, so it often makes it worth inquiring before placing an order.

Every single piece in particular.

One of the most extraordinary things about glass cremation jewelry is that none of these pieces is the same. It’s because the ashes adhere to the molten glass and make small airbags and patterns so that you can never reproduce a particular way.

I always hear how impressed my clients are with the designs I create, but I must admit that I still cannot take credit for the patterns that have come into being until the ashes touch the molten glass. I especially like that you never know how jewelry from ashes would work out.


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