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Do you love to play card games? Do you know how many card games there are? Do you know there are card games that can be played with two or more decks of cards together at the same time? Are you interested to find out the answer to these questions? If yes, then here is the solution to your questions. There are lots of card games all over the world that use 2 or more decks of cards, especially in different versions of rummy card games, such as Russian rummy card games, Canasta rummy card games, etc.

What is a Canasta Rummy Card Game?

A Canasta rummy card is one of the many versions of the rummy game. It is also known that this game originated from 500 rummy card games. It is to be believed that this game originated from Uruguay. It is one of the most popular card games in the United States of America. In this game, Joker cards are also used and they are known as “Wild Cards”. The primary objective of this game is to make proper melds or sets using the combination of 3 or more cards with the same rank and order. Like other rummy games, here also, making melds are important but making melds in a sequence is not considered a valid set.

This game is played with partners and each player sits on the opposite side of their partner. It is one of the most popular card games among all other rummy family card games. You can also play Canasta rummy card games online on different gaming platforms like Mcgamer, Gamezop, Zapmeta, Getmega, Vip games, etc. You can choose to play any game from these gaming platforms as they provide the best gaming experience with many options. You can also earn real money by playing games online from these gaming platforms. Here are some of the rules about how to play Canasta rummy card games.

Rules: How to Play Canasta rummy Card Games:

The Canasta rummy card games are played with 2 sets of the deck of cards with 4 joker cards included, which makes it a game with 108 cards total. In general, this game is played with 4 players in a partnership of 2 players. You can also play this game with 6 people. Here are some of the rules of Canasta rummy card games that will help you understand the game better.

  1. How to Play: As mentioned above, this game is played with 108 cards. Every player needs to deal with 11 cards face down. The rest of the cards are put in the middle with face-down from which each player needs to take one card at a time of his or her turn. In order to start the game, the player sitting next to the dealer’s left-hand needs to start the game, and the game goes in an anticlockwise manner. The first card from the pile of cards in the middle needs to be face up and put next to the deck of the cards. If the card face value is less than 4, then the next card needs to be face up until a card with a higher face value than 4 comes up. A player needs to draw a card from the middle to get rid of one card from his cards. The game is declared as ending when a player makes all the hands and uses all the cards in his or her hands.
  2. Different Number of players: The Canasta rummy card games can be played with different numbers of players such as follows
  • 2 Players: With players, it is required to play individually with each player dealing with 15 cards. In this particular scenario, a player needs to take 2 cards from the middle instead of 1 card but he or she can only get rid of 1 card from his or her hands.
  • 4 Players: This is very simple and the rules are very clear. It is played with partners. The rules and game process are simple as mentioned above.
  • 6 Players: In this scenario, players sit in a circle with alternate ways so that 2 players of the same team can not sit together. In this situation, 3 decks of cards were used with a total of 162 cards. Each player needs to deal with 13 cards.
  1. Card Values: The card ranks or value is high to low, where Ace is the highest and 2 is the lowest. The Joker cards are void or known as the wild cards. The points are different and completely variable based on the number of players playing. The points are also based on the melds that players made.


There are many games that can be played with 108 cards but Canasta rummy card games are the best among them. You can play these games online and win real money by playing on Getmega. It is one of the best gaming platforms which gives you a real gaming experience with real money.

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