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Go To A Cubs Game



Go To A Cubs Game!
Something I highly recommend is going to a Chicago Cubs Game. Whether or not you’re a Cubs fan, a baseball fan, or even a sports fan – a Cubs game is an awesome time. The atmosphere at Wrigley Field is unmatched. Fun for any age – It’s weird to think about. Each game full of a mix of a variety of people, all coming together to root for one team. The stands always packed with kids on field trips, season ticket holders, clubs, charity events, pub crawl groups, the list goes on.

I’ve been going to Cubs games my entire life. At a young age (way way wayyyy back when the Cubs weren’t the most talented team on the block), tickets to a game were cheap as rocks. For a total of $15, you could hop on the Addison Bus, buy a ticket to the game, buy a hot dog, and still have enough money to hop on the bus back home. Here’s a little tip – get to the game early enough for batting practice. A ton of the players love to throw out extra balls and will literally sign anything. Except for Carlos Marmol. That guy, is not a very nice guy.

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Oh, another tip: bleacher seats are my favorite seats at Wrigley. If you’re in for the best experience possible, get bleacher seats. The fans who sit out there are unlike anyone I’ve ever met.

I’m incredibly disappointed I have yet to go to a game this year. But that is all about to change – I just bought tickets to the August 4th game against the Diamondbacks! First pitch is thrown at about 1:20pm so just in case you’re reading this, feel free to meet me down there! I’ve got bleacher seats…

A few things I recommend doing if you decide to hit the friendly confines:

Walk down the strip and witness the millions of bars. Go mingle with fellow Cubs fans!
Definitely go to Sluggers Bar down the street and use the batting cages. They are iconic – this is a great place to watch a game as well.
Go to a concert at Wrigley – They’re known for hosting country artists and classic bands. Luke Bryan was the most recent artist to perform there!
Don’t forget to take a picture in front of the famous Wrigley sign. Get that insta game up – major heat check for ya. Almost guaranteed 250+ likes, I promise.

The Wrigleyville Area is open to families and kids as well:

Bring chalk to the game! Sign the famous Wrigley Wall and imprint your name in history!
During the off-season, the Cubs offer a movie in the park gig too. Bring all! They play classic movies. One of the most popular is the movie The Rookie Of The Year which was partially filmed at Wrigley Field!
Sign up to take a tour of the ins and outs of the stadium! You can sign up online, here Wrigley Tour
Grab a bite to eat! The restaurants around there are TO DIE FOR. You can’t go wrong with Dimo’s Pizza. The food there is delicious – 8.8/10. (One-Bite Rating)

Here’s a little tip to you newbies and bandwagons out there. There are certain requirements that one must get when going to a game. Make sure to get a bag of peanuts. A hot dog with everything on it, of course. Maybe an ice cold beer. Make sure to strictly wear Cubs gear. There’s nothing I hate more than when someone comes to the stadium wearing a Steelers hat and a Bulls jersey. C’mon man. Don’t be that guy – don’t cross sports. Support the hometown and the home team. Stop bringing your glove to games after age 10 (unless you’re with your kid, then it’s fair). Catch the ball with your hands! THAT’S WHY YOU WERE GIVEN THEM! Check out this prime example:
Another piece of advice – if you’re really in the mood, buy some merch, support the clubhouse. Rock that jersey loud and proud. And try your hand at buying a raffle ticket… You’d be surprised. I’m not a gambling man, at all. But there’s something about those tickets… Magical. Would recommend.

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The culture in this stadium is unmatched anywhere else. The atmosphere is un-describable. This place is considered a landmark — not many other clubhouses around the MLB can say that. It will forever hold a place in my heart. I’ve been going my whole life (way before the Cubs recent success) Although they have modernized the stadium a little, there are still some hints of the old-school / traditional home field that we all know and love. I know that games are a lot harder to go to because of how expensive they’ve gotten. But I try to go to at least one game per summer (minimum). It’s a necessity in Chicago culture.

lso – Please don’t cry like this guy at our stadium. Relax buddy. Just think about 2016. I promise it’ll put a smile on your face.

So, bring your friends, your kids, your wife. Screw it, go by yourself if you want. The Cubs game is a treat and should always be treated as one. Enjoy.


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