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Dab Pens Online: Top myths about buying Dabbing materials online



Are you looking for Dab pens online? If you have searched dabbing, vaporizers, glass bongs, dab rigs, etc.c then you must read this article as it will clear your doubt and debunk myths and misconceptions of dabbing.

Myth #1: Buying a Dab Pens Online Can Be More Expensive

This is a very common misconception about it that it will cost higher if we purchase it online than buying it offline from any market. But the fact is the online wholesalers have a huge quantity coming directly from the manufacturer, or sometimes manufacturers themselves list it online to sell. Therefore it is more convenient to buy it online.

But talking about buying it offline, if you buy it from any store, then remember, the store owner does not manufacture it. Instead, he buys from any dealer or wholesaler and the wholesaler purchases it from the manufacturer company. That is why the price may be higher in offline mode.

Myth #2: It’s illegal or crime to purchase a Bong Online

If you think that buying dabbing material is illegal and buying it online, there will be a high chance of getting caught; I suppose you might be wrong. If you’re at least 18 years old, then purchasing it online or offline is a crime. 

So, you can buy any material like a vaporizer, a pipe, bong, or Dab Pens Online. Whatever item you want, you can purchase it safely and legally until you use it illegally. They are also used in medical fields like aromatherapy & tobacco, so you are not violating any rule by purchasing them online.

Myth #3: It will take a lot of time in shipment, or it may be damaged, or the product may be in worse condition. 

If you think that buying dabbing material online can be time-consuming in the context of delivery, or the product may be damaged, or in the worse condition, you’re mistaken at all. 

Because any genuine store owner doesn’t send you wrong or damaged products, they value their customers more than anything. And they are experienced enough, and most of them use faster delivery service. In case you find a damaged product, they give you a return or compensation. 

You can read their return policy by visiting their website. So, don’t need to overthink about the damaged product delivery or slow arrival.

Myth #4: Returning the product may be very time taking and complicated.

Reputed stores always have a great return policy. If you think that returning a product will be complicated or time-consuming, then you are wrong. And the best part, it doesn’t cost you anything, you can return it easily by visiting their website. You will get the option to cancel your product if it is on the way, or you can return it by tapping on return and refund. 

If you are facing any issue with that, you can directly chat or call them as they provide a convenient facility to contact them through email, chatbox or a normal call. But, remember that you can’t return it if you have used it.

To Sum Up

Buying a dab pen online is not a crime at all. And there is no problem while buying it because it is not cost-effective, but it is also more convenient than going to the market and searching for it by asking in several shops. As they provide safe and convenient delivery, you can check it out here. 

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Watch Shameless season 12 Release Date And What to Expect from It




shameless season 12

You have seen this dysfunctional family go through many ups and downs, particularly over the last seasons of shameless. Will the shameless season 12 going to release? Will Fiona make amends with her family, or will she continue to push them away as she did in season 11? And will it turn over a new leaf now that he’s sober, or will he revert to his destructive ways? Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure—it’ll be an absurdly large number of different child actors playing Liam’s character.

Shameless season 12 release date:


After being renewed for a twelfth season, Shameless fans know about shameless season 12 release date, what they have to look forward to. It reveals that next season will see a new setting. A new group of supporting characters, and several exciting plot twists. The one thing we don’t know? When it will air. So far, Netflix hasn’t confirmed an official premiere date but has said that we can expect new episodes later. That timeframe certainly gives us plenty to speculate about. So let’s take a closer look at everything we know so far about Shameless season 12 of. And no, before you ask: There is still no word on when exactly it might air—just that we should be ready for it in late 2022.

Since then, showrunners John Wells and Nancy Pimental took part in a Reddit AMA where they gave some more insight into how things are shaping up behind the scenes. The plan is to move away from Chicago in season 12. But not as far as Australia like some fans had hoped! We want a new fresh start [and] want to try something different every ten years, or so I suppose… [and] get out of Chicago!, wrote Wells in response to questions about how long he thinks Shameless should run for and how he plans on changing things up over time.

How many episodes will there be?

The upcoming season of Shameless will have 16 episodes, which is an increase compared to previous seasons. The 10th season had 12 seizures, while there were 13 in Season 9. They will start airing on January 16. The shameless series finale date hasn’t confirmed yet. And it is believe that all of them will be available sometime in 2022. The premium channel Showtime decided not to renew for a new season of shameless, following Star William H. Macy getting $200,000 per episode. However, executive producer John Wells stated he would love to do another instalment. He said: I would love to do more with those characters, and I think you can imagine. It will get back together and do something else at some point or another because it has been such a rich creative life for us making that show.

The main characters of Shameless Season 12:

shameless showtime

The main characters of Shameless are Fiona Gallagher, Ian Gallagher, Debbie Gallagher, Lip Gallagher, Carl Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich. However, during season 5, William H. Macy will join as Frank’s new love interest Sammi. Showrunner John Wells has also stated. There could be several recurring or returning characters in season 5, including Sheila Jackson (Joan Cusack). Monica Gallagher (Ann Dowd), Nicky Slutman (Maxim Knight), and Jimmy/Steve McBride (Justin Chatwin).

Like every other show, we can’t know how long it will continue or end. But we will still see what’s going on with the future of upcoming seasons. And you can say that Shameless is almost like a real-life family saga story where you find some drama, comical relief and lots of twisted comedy. It’s about kids growing up without a parent or two around them. Which was made possible by their uncle, who takes care of them until he gets back into his drinking habit again.

If you haven’t watched Shameless before then, I suggest you start watching it right now because it’s one of those shows with complex background stories. Yet, they are interesting enough to keep you hooked on their characters even after hours spent inside. Binge-watching episodes after episodes nonstop! There will never be any disappointment if anyone asks me my opinion about Shameless because each episode had its intensity level.

What was shameless season 11 about?

Shameless season 11 is about how Frank’s alcoholism had finally caught up with him, and he was force into rehab. It was also about how Fiona realized she’d never been able to trust Steve and finally told him off for good. Lip took steps toward getting sober himself, and Ian asked Svetlana for a divorce — but will she go through with it? Debbie stayed engaged with Gus but struggled with her decision after learning that Gus might not be okay with being so sexually open with other people. Kevin ended up in jail again thanks to his friendship with Veronica while Carl was out on bail.

Best Of All Of The ‘Shameless’ Characters, Ranked. And best & Worst TV Episodes – IGN. Best Performances: Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over eleven seasons of Emmy-winning Shameless, it’s that William H. Macy can do just about anything (and often does). After facing his demons as Jimmy/Steve in last season of shameless. Fiona’s father has become a full-blown alcoholic who wants nothing more than to die drinking vodka. Then there are episode-to-episode performances like Jeremy Allen White going head-to-head with Macy in The Shunning or Emma Kenney doing some serious growing up as delightful Debbie Gallagher. Well, past growing up — now she needs to get laid!

Preview New Episodes on Netflix:

shameless season 11

If you’re interested in watching new episodes as they air but aren’t sure when strictly they come out, a great option is Netflix. It offers an easy way to protect your favourite show right after it airs. You can set up a reminder to know when new episodes are available and always have them at your fingertips—no commercial breaks and no waiting around. If you prefer to keep watching your season (or seasons) repeatedly, there are plenty of ways to do that too. Now that Shameless has renew for a shameless new season. It will continue airing on Showtime until 2022. But all seasons will be available on Netflix beginning.

Will Ian end up with Mickey again?

Ian and Mickey have a romance that spanned three seasons. There’s no telling if they will get back together in season 12. But considering Ian married Debbie instead of Mickey, and it was such a divisive moment for fans, it seems unlikely. That said, there are still five months until the premiere, and everyone knows how much Ian loves his wives. We do know that Patrick J. Adams (who plays Mike) is only returning for half a dozen episodes. So he’ll likely only be around for one more major storyline. Perhaps that storyline is rekindling his romance with Ian? Only time will tell! While all these questions about season twelve remain unanswered. But you won’t be disappointed when it comes to storylines on shameless season 12.

Where you can watch all previous seasons?

shameless season 11

Netflix, Amazon, Showtime Anytime, Hulu, and YouTube are good places. Did you know that you can also watch all previous seasons on Showtime’s app for free if you have a cable subscription? You don’t even need one of those dorky-looking cable cards, either. You can log in using your existing username and password. Just start playing season 1 on your phone while watching tv on your tv with big TV shameless streaming on device (Roku).

Now you can keep doing it until get that shameless final episode of new season out of hiatus. Also, each episode has subtitles available, making it more accessible to people who don’t speak English as their native language. Of course, there are always DVDs at your local Best Buy or whatever sells video games near you. As I mentioned above, you been doing annual New Year’s Eve marathon of Shameless. But still it haven’t finished seeing every single episode. Yes, he is a loser. But isn’t that why you’re here? So what should I expect when they return to Chicago.

Is Shameless season 12 based on a true story?

shameless new season

More or less, but it’s not supposed to take seriously. The shameless showtime loosely based on an autobiography about alcoholic Frank Gallagher and his six children. Although some elements of Frank’s story mirror that of series creator Paul Abbott’s life. He grew up in a working-class family. And was brought up by a single mother. So much so that in 2009, Paul found himself accused of plagiarism when one of his ex-students suggested similarities between himself and Frank were just too close for comfort. Paul has since laughed off any suggestions of plagiarising his own life, saying: The only thing similar between Frank and me are bad haircuts. In all honesty, though, if anyone should accuse him of copying himself, then we reckon they probably have a point.

However, there aren’t any characters who take their names from actual family members. And James McAvoy doesn’t resemble real brother Bill. The latter works as Paul’s assistant (despite being cast as Mickey Milkovich in season 1. That said, we’re pretty sure William H Macey would love nothing more than to punch James McAvoy in the face, just saying.

Should you watch this season?

Yes, you watch free showtime shameless season 12 airing its final season. There are plenty of possibilities on how it ends. The new season starts with Frank finding himself in a hospital bed at AA. And spending more time sober than in years. But that’s only a means to an end for Frank as he tries to re-enter his children’s lives and get them back in school so he can collect their attendance money. He succeeds with Fiona and Lip but struggles with Ian, when the latter continues using pills after getting sober.

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Dare Me Season 2: Things you need to know before watch it




dare me season 2

A Netflix show in which teenage cheerleaders are the protagonists sounds like it shouldn’t work, but this high school drama series has gained a lot of popularity, and season 2 has just been announced by the streaming giant. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Dare Me season 2 release date, cast, plot, and more. If you’re wondering when Dare Me season 2 will be released on Netflix, they have all the answers you need right here, including why Netflix canceled the series and whether another network will ever pick it up.

Also, with the recent news, Netflix ordered a pilot for a new show based on the same book series as Dare Me called Unbelievably. Dare Me is based on Megan Abbott’s novel of the same name; she’s also the co-showrunner of the series and the more experienced Gina Fattore (Californication). Peter Berg and Michael Lombardo are also among the EPs.

Happens in dare me season 1:

dare me netflix

The series is based on a novel written by Megan Abbott. This season follows several cheerleaders in two high schools – one whose members are routinely abused and harassed by their coach and another where everyone seems happy with their place in life until someone from the other school turns up dead. As these stories unfold, we discover that both schools have things in common that they prefer to stay hidden. As dark secrets come to light, it becomes clear that no one can trust them.

Everyone has something to hide, and no matter how much you think you know about your friends or teachers, there’s still so much more you don’t know. Fans were left wondering what happened between Beth and her student-turned-boyfriend Joe, who watched over Beth’s children while she was babysitting them. When Joe tried to break up with her before returning to college, she seemed upset but understanding at first. So why did she later admit that if he ever returned?

Dare Me Season 2 will be about:

The 10-episode season 2 of dare me will tell viewers the story of a pastor’s wife who turns her back on God, only to have her life flipped upside down. The new series will air as part of Freeform’s new Sunday night scripted programming block called A Night of Premieres. Dare Me will follow Switched at Birth’s footsteps, which recently aired its final episode after five seasons. Between Switched at Birth ending its run and Dare Me premiering soon, Freeform hopes viewers catch up with old favorites like Pretty Little Liars and Shadow hunters in anticipation for upcoming series premiere dates—including Cloak & Dagger.

The Cast:

cast of dare me season 2

The cast of dare me season 2 is full of talented actors who have played significant roles in other hit shows. With that said, while they’re all seasoned professionals, it may be difficult for some viewers to recognize their faces from their different roles. Take Shiri Appleby as Maci Taylor, for example. She’s been on several successful shows like Roswell and Life Unexpected. But she isn’t well known for starring in them (at least not like the main characters). Rather than being known for her role on any one show or movie, her acting career has been spread across several different projects, so viewers might see some familiar faces but not recognize them when they do.

That’s why we thought it would be fun to feature more information about each cast member so readers can learn more about who they are and what else they’ve done before joining forces with Dare Me! For instance, Caroline Dhavernas has starred in various films over her career, including. It’s All Gone Pete Tong and Splice featured alongside Adrien Brody.

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How many episodes will there be?

The first season of Dare Me 2 consisted of 10 episodes. Although a specific number hasn’t been confirmed for season two, co-creator and executive producer. They tell deadline that there will be more than eight episodes. When should fans expect it? Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Hasak said season two would likely premiere in spring 2019. Season one followed a fictional private high school called Hoover High School, led by Principal Katie Burroughs (Pamela Adlon). The principal must deal with scandals involving students and faculty, especially her own tumultuous home life.

Storyline of Dare Me:

season 2 dare me

Season one of Dare Me follows former high school cheerleaders Beth (Herizen Guardiola) and Bex (Alana Arenas), new members of the Scream Queens squad. One is a rebellious outcast with a dark past, while one reserve. It becomes clear that things aren’t as happy in sorority life as Beth thought. This isn’t just a few girls performing for some fun.

It looks like there’s trouble in paradise. There are plenty of raunchy moments between girls partying hard or standing up against fellow teammates. And you get a bit of insight into how these young women live their lives outside sorority life with their boyfriends and families.

Where can You watch ‘Dare Me’ online for free?

This will depend on where you live. In the US, season 1 is available on Hulu. You can watch seasons 1-2 on Showcase’s website for those in Australia. In Canada , seasons 1-2 are available for streaming on both GlobalTV .ca and Shomi .ca. If your country doesn’t have access to any of these platforms, you might want to check out dare me season 2 on Netflix because sometimes it has exclusive rights in different countries.

Dare Me get canceled by MTV Network?

season 2 of dare me

Dare Me was one of MTV Network’s first scripted shows for adults. It followed a group of high school cheerleaders in a small town after their secret lives were reveal in a scandalous video. The show had strong reviews from critics, and it earned a second season renewal, which is quite unusual for most MTV series. Why was dare me cancelled? There are several reasons why Dare Me didn’t manage to become as successful as other TV shows on its network. Some say that is because its target audience is not numerous enough or relevant enough. And others point at creative differences between producers and TV channel executives over storylines.

Whatever reason there might. They can hardly get our hopes up seeing an answer anytime soon since both production companies involved refuse to speak about the cancellation out of respect towards those directly involved with what would have been season 3. According to co-creator, Netflix did not bid on season 2 dare me. Because they felt they could not handle all aspects of producing such a big-budget show themselves.

Will there be a Season 3?

dare me season 2 release date

Netflix has yet to announce whether Dare Me will renewed for a third season. To ensure that you’re among the first to know what’s coming next for Holly and Jake, head over to our Netflix renew/cancel page. That way, you can keep up with any announcements about Dare Me along with thousands of other fans. However, Once Netflix announces renewal or cancellation. They make sure it post immediately. Are you following Dare Me on social media? Fans who can’t watch Dare Me to live in real-time often try to find clues about upcoming episodes by perusing show-related posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Could it come back on Netflix?

Dare Freeform canceled me. There’s been no official announcement that it’s returning to Netflix. However, Freeform could conceivably renew it for the third season (like they did with Shadowhunters). While it’s not available on Netflix currently (and likely won’t be in the future). You can still watch dare me netflix season 2 through its streaming platform of origin—Freeform. On a related note: If you are interested in watching older shows that have since been canceled.

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All Details And Facts About Night At The Museum




night at the museum

The script of night at the museum was written by Robert Ben Grant and Thomas Lennon, and the film was directed by Shawn Levy. Released on December 22, 2006, it stars Ben Stiller as Larry Daley. A divorced father who has lost his job as an electrician. While most of the exhibits in the Museum of Natural History have come to life. Because of an ancient Egyptian tablet that came into his possession.

Historical information:

night at the museum 1

Night at the Museum is a 2006 American fantasy comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. Written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, produced by Chris Columbus and released by 20th Century Fox. The film stars Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney. Bill Cobbs as well as Carla Gugino (in a cameo role), Ricky Gervais (uncredited) as Kahmunrah. It is based on a 1993 television film of same name written by Mick Garris for ABC television network.

The plot involves security guard Larry Daley who unwittingly brings many exhibits. In New York’s Museum of Natural History to life with magic. During an evening spent babysitting at his boss’ home. He accidentally damages an old amulet belonging to Scottish archaeologist Sir Lancelot (Dick Van Dyke). This prompts Lord Redbrick XVI, head of a secret society dedicated to protecting the tablet. To send murderous villains from all over time periods after Larry.

These include King Agamemnon (Ricky Gervais) from Ancient Greece. Ivan the Terrible from 16th-century Russia and Al Capone’s gangster-era moll Maeve Gallagher (Carla Gugino). He escapes them all with help from some of his colleagues: Frank Buck (Dick Van Dyke). Theodore Roosevelt (Owen Wilson), Sacagawea (Amy Adams), Octavius T.

The Cast:

The Cast night at the museum

Ben Stiller, Carla Gugino, Mickey Rooney, Chris Elliott, Robin Williams are the cast of Night At The Museum. A number of famous actors played some very familiar roles in Night at the Museum 1 or in 2. Including Ben Stiller (as security guard Larry Daley), Robin Williams (playing Teddy Roosevelt himself). Ray Liotta (as Al Capone) and Dick Van Dyke (taking on an Elvis-esque role). Even though all these big names sign on to be a part of Night at the Museum’s cast. Several relatively unknown actors also appeared in supporting roles throughout. You’ll have no trouble spotting Steve Coogan as Attila the Hun or Hank Azaria playing Pharaoh Ahkmenrah. Just don’t blink or you’ll miss Eddie Izzard as Napoleon Bonaparte! It seems that Night at the Museum is full of surprises.

The Story:

night at the museum movie

In imdb night at the museum, Larry Daley is a divorced, down-on-his-luck Dad who has just lost his job as an accountant. When he stumbles into a job interview at New York’s Natural History Museum. What seems like luck turns out to be fate when he learns. That his late father was once one of many night watchmen. There and that Larry is actually expect to don his father’s uniform. Fill in for him on watch duty and perform odd jobs around the Museum. To his amazement, he discovers that after hours – unknown to visitors – various dinosaurs become animated! The Tyrannosaurus Rex even eats popcorn.

And so does its favorite exhibit, General Custer. Soon enough Larry finds himself caught up in a mystery as several magic tablets (which can make wishes come true) are stolen. When Larry teams up with Jedediah, Amelia Earhart. Sacagawea and Albert Einstein (among others), all kinds of chaos ensues. And it looks like it will take all night to save both new friends and priceless artifacts from Dr. McPhee (of Pee Review fame). There is romance too. Larry meets Jacqueline Flynn (who works at the gift shop). But she remains mostly unaware of what is going on during her nights at work with him. How did they meet? What will happen next? This film answers all these questions/concerns.

Quotes From the Movie:

After hours, you are no longer an exhibit; you get to be a real person. No-one else can see or hear us, so now. For your edification and amusement we will break out of our frames and have a party! I don’t know why I’m talking like that. Shame on me! I’m getting’ all puffed up in front of all these people. [laughs] Do not attempt anything unless I give you my say-so. Night at The Museum movie: its seven years since that fateful night Larry Daley brought together history’s greatest treasures. Oh please don’t make me talk like that again.

Anyway they were come to back, they’ve escap and they comes after their tablet. With some new friends – including Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) along for another wild adventure. And just wait until you meet those giant man-eating lizards.  oh sorry. That’s right, when history comes alive it bites. Featuring Dick Van Dyke as Teddy Roosevelt, Robin Williams as Emperor Qin Shi Huang and Mickey Rooney as Gus Gus The Monkey King himself.

Best Scenes From the Movie:

night at the museum movie

Viewers can notice that in every movie that relates to security guards, they always have a funny device they use to distract thieves. The Night At The Museum’s night guard has his fake mustache which worked perfectly on Stinky. This scene is actually full of laughter. It’s so funny when Larry couldn’t get rid of his fake mustache after giving a command to Stinky. Which made him feel uncomfortable while in an interview with Dr. McPhee (Dick Van Dyke). It was then that he just ripped off what he thought was his real mustache only to see. That it was his real one because it wouldn’t come off so easily. He had no choice but to keep it on until he finds a disguise that could help him hide his phony look.

Where to watch night at the museum? You can watch out for parts where you will actually laugh out loud or chuckle because there are plenty of these scenes. One thing is for sure; you will never stop laughing once you sit back and watch Night At The Museum. Secret Of The Tomb for you will surely entertain with its quality humor from start to finish. Movie critics gave little reviews about its excellent plot except. That some say scenes from past movies were repeat such as. When Larry got stuck on Abe Lincoln’s hand trying to save Cecil. Who already fell into trash compactor before rescue by Teddy Roosevelt riding horseback charging towards them like fury-mad cowboys in western films.

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Best Critiques From the Audience:

Tyler Rothbard’s Critique: The grammatical errors in here are horrible. If you’re going to bother writing a complete sentence, at least make sure it’s correct. From a professional point of view, I’m appalled that one editor would even allow such bad grammar to get through. If I were an editor, I’d scrap it as soon as my eyes went over it. Shawn Baker’s Critique: I like what you did with your title; many bloggers miss that opportunity or underestimate its importance when creating content for their audience. You have a nice flow, but your word choice was kinda odd.

Connections To Real Life:

where to watch night at the museum

This film is based on that book with same title: Night At The Museum by Milan Trenc. In one of them you can learn all news, reports, resources and links on Night At The Museum fantasy comedy film directed by Shawn Levy and written by Robert Ben Grant and Thomas Lennon. Night at the museum where to watch. You can watch Night At The Museum full movie online here in HD 1080p quality on any device. It was released on 5 December 2006 by 20th Century Fox. They earned $444 million on a $150 million budget making it a box office success. Wominate for an Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Gabriella Lantz & Derry Clarke). You could watch it here with no cost from anywhere in the world without limits or restrictions.

Critical response:

night at the museum characters

The film received mixed reviews, with critics praising its visual effects and other technical aspects, but criticizing its writing and performances. On Rotten Tomatoes, Night at the Museum has a rating of 57%, based on 159 reviews. On Metacritic, it has a score of 53 out of 100, based on 33 critics. Common Sense Media gave it 3/5 stars stating that kids will like it for sure, though most parents would find better films for their kids than Night at the Museum.

A sequel entitled Night at the Museum. In an interview with Smithsonian magazine, Shawn Levy said that Ricky Gervais was offered to reprise his role as security guard Larry Daley in Battle of The Smithsonian. But declined due to scheduling conflicts and also because he felt he had done all he could do with night at the museum characters; Owen Wilson replaced him as headliner.

Box office performance:

The film grossed $574.4 million worldwide on a $150 million budget. In North America, it became one of only thirteen films to cross $100 million in its first weekend. Night of the Museum was nominate for an Academy Award for Best Makeup, losing to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008). Night at the Museum 2: Battle of Smithsonian grossed nearly as much as its predecessor, bringing in just over $409 million. A third installment has announced.

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Did you know a game with 108 cards? Learn the card names here




card game

There are countless card games that exist in the world. Each and every one of them has its own origin from particular regions. Also, many of these card games are variants of the previously existing card games. Most of the card games are culturally or regionally influenced therefore, they have separate rules on each region. 

In India, one of the most popular and exciting card games loved by people is Rummy. Among the other card games played by the people of India, rummy cards name always remain the first choice. 

What is so good about Rummy?

As a card game, rummy is totally an uncomplicated one, meaning anyone can play this game with ease. The rules are extremely simple and straightforward; therefore, even a new player can get a grasp of the whole game in no time.

A good combination of skill and strategy can bring very good results in the rummy game. Before its virtual debut, it was usually being played in a group. But when the whole gaming idea was implemented virtually, that is, when the game became available in several multiplayer platforms and in the form of apps, rummy cards name exceeded the popularity of any other games of the same category in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Where should you play the rummy card game?

There are lots of card game apps available in the market where you can play rummy. But a very among them can offer you the game with lots of valuable prizes and cash rewards. If you are looking for a gaming app or platform where you can show off your rummy card name and earn cash rewards, you are at the right place. Because the best platform for both experiencing the rummy cards name game and earning cash rewards would be GetMega. It is an online multiplayer gaming platform where you can win cash by both participating and winning a game.

Show off your gaming skills in rummy.

Why is Rummy the best card game to play?

Things have been said enough about the ease of the multiplayer Rummy online, but when one wonders how it can be the best game to play online, some immediate things like those listed below come to mind.

Online Rummy in GetMega is 100% legal in India

No one would have ever thought that the highest judicial authority in the country, the Indian Supreme Court, had said in 1968 about Rummy. Yes, you read that right. Rummy was a topic of discussion in the apex legal body of the largest democracy, where it was declared a ‘game of skill’ by the then bench of judges. Although the game has now progressed to an online version with the advent of digital technology, there is no second thought about the fact that Rummy is definitely a game of skill, not chance or expertise. It was also made 100% legal to play rummy cards name for real cash in India, with the exception of states like Odisha, Telangana, Assam, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim. So, if you are a newbie and are on the lookout for some easy play to win online games, GetMega is only a click away.

Online Rummy in GetMega is available for all

Unlike a lottery ticket that you have to initially pay for, playing rummy card names in GetMega is worthwhile because you can win rewards by both participating and by winning in GetMega. The rates for entering a game are cheaper than one can imagine. To enter a match, you can spend as low as rupee 1 to the maximum of rupees 4000. Yes, it is that cheap for you to enter a game. The boards are available for all age groups so that no one feels left out. You can also refer your friends and earn more cash or rewards in GetMega, which is an online multiplayer gaming platform with no bots and only 100 percent verified real players are available in the game. Moreover, the audio and video chat feature of GetMega is more exciting than any other platform.

Play online rummy in GetMega.

Online Rummy in GetMega is completely secured

Usually, players don’t feel confident about freebies and interface ease on the internet wherever online gaming is concerned. But this is very different with the online multiplayer gaming platform GetMega. This online multiplayer gaming platform uses Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a certification implying that there is zero scope for any sort of alteration within or after any gameplay. So the players, website, cash prizes – all of it is real in the game. The website and app of GetMega have a combination of robust technology interface, fair gameplay and most importantly, a secure environment. So, you do not have to worry about carrying out your deposits or with instant withdrawals of the money earned through gaming.

Online Rummy in GetMega comes with Customer Support 

In GetMega Rummy, online games come with full customer support for their players and customers. Websites and apps like GetMega that are highly functional with withdrawals and deposits often boast of a dedicated customer support team or online live chats to assist players in every possible way to make their online rummy cards name experience rewarding. After all, who doesn’t love hassle-free, fast and smooth gameplay? 

So, sign up at GetMega and get your chance to enjoy rummy cards name and win cash rewards simultaneously. Don’t worry, the money you earn from GetMega first accumulates in your GetMega wallet, and from there, you can directly transfer the money to either your bank account or your Paytm wallet. But first, do remember to verify your GetMega account through the KYC method because, without proper verification, no user or player will be able to withdraw the money from their GetMega wallet.

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Have you ever heard of a game that uses 108 cards? Find out here




Joker cards

Do you love to play card games? Do you know how many card games there are? Do you know there are card games that can be played with two or more decks of cards together at the same time? Are you interested to find out the answer to these questions? If yes, then here is the solution to your questions. There are lots of card games all over the world that use 2 or more decks of cards, especially in different versions of rummy card games, such as Russian rummy card games, Canasta rummy card games, etc.

What is a Canasta Rummy Card Game?

A Canasta rummy card is one of the many versions of the rummy game. It is also known that this game originated from 500 rummy card games. It is to be believed that this game originated from Uruguay. It is one of the most popular card games in the United States of America. In this game, Joker cards are also used and they are known as “Wild Cards”. The primary objective of this game is to make proper melds or sets using the combination of 3 or more cards with the same rank and order. Like other rummy games, here also, making melds are important but making melds in a sequence is not considered a valid set.

This game is played with partners and each player sits on the opposite side of their partner. It is one of the most popular card games among all other rummy family card games. You can also play Canasta rummy card games online on different gaming platforms like Mcgamer, Gamezop, Zapmeta, Getmega, Vip games, etc. You can choose to play any game from these gaming platforms as they provide the best gaming experience with many options. You can also earn real money by playing games online from these gaming platforms. Here are some of the rules about how to play Canasta rummy card games.

Rules: How to Play Canasta rummy Card Games:

The Canasta rummy card games are played with 2 sets of the deck of cards with 4 joker cards included, which makes it a game with 108 cards total. In general, this game is played with 4 players in a partnership of 2 players. You can also play this game with 6 people. Here are some of the rules of Canasta rummy card games that will help you understand the game better.

  1. How to Play: As mentioned above, this game is played with 108 cards. Every player needs to deal with 11 cards face down. The rest of the cards are put in the middle with face-down from which each player needs to take one card at a time of his or her turn. In order to start the game, the player sitting next to the dealer’s left-hand needs to start the game, and the game goes in an anticlockwise manner. The first card from the pile of cards in the middle needs to be face up and put next to the deck of the cards. If the card face value is less than 4, then the next card needs to be face up until a card with a higher face value than 4 comes up. A player needs to draw a card from the middle to get rid of one card from his cards. The game is declared as ending when a player makes all the hands and uses all the cards in his or her hands.
  2. Different Number of players: The Canasta rummy card games can be played with different numbers of players such as follows
  • 2 Players: With players, it is required to play individually with each player dealing with 15 cards. In this particular scenario, a player needs to take 2 cards from the middle instead of 1 card but he or she can only get rid of 1 card from his or her hands.
  • 4 Players: This is very simple and the rules are very clear. It is played with partners. The rules and game process are simple as mentioned above.
  • 6 Players: In this scenario, players sit in a circle with alternate ways so that 2 players of the same team can not sit together. In this situation, 3 decks of cards were used with a total of 162 cards. Each player needs to deal with 13 cards.
  1. Card Values: The card ranks or value is high to low, where Ace is the highest and 2 is the lowest. The Joker cards are void or known as the wild cards. The points are different and completely variable based on the number of players playing. The points are also based on the melds that players made.


There are many games that can be played with 108 cards but Canasta rummy card games are the best among them. You can play these games online and win real money by playing on Getmega. It is one of the best gaming platforms which gives you a real gaming experience with real money.

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