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Addressing the Fiction in the New Testament



This is the one book that has inspired wars, terrorism, love, and hate and it is all fiction.

It came into being towards the end of the 4th CAD and is basically the work of Jerome, who was appointed by the then Bishop of Rome, Damasis, to unite the fledgling church. That, of course, was the Roman Catholic Institution established by Constantine in 325 AD and he is called 666 in Revelation 13:12-18.

The format for this faith is the Islamic religion of Babylon. It became the Imperial Roman Religion after the Amor of that city built Roma (reverse Amor) as its new capital. The Emperor employed some massive tricks to deceive the public and switch their allegiance from the Babylonian gods to the ones he created, such as Jesus Christ.

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His aim was power and control and the Vatican which he built and then housed with a parliament of bishops were given absolute authority to carry out his orders. That included destroying dissenters and using any and all tactics to do it. His edicts to this effect have survived.

The Vatican contains an archive of its history and the laws by which it rules. It also houses details on the work of Jerome, who is titled the ‘doctor of the church’. This man was a scholar who had travelled widely and had lived for some time in the East, particularly in Bethlehem.

His diaries alone are an eye-opener to his mental state. In one of the entries he notes how he observed an attractive young woman who was locked in stocks in the town square. A group of men hacked off her breasts and he thought that a just punishment for leading men astray by her looks.

The Vatican was built over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English) and this is denied by the church but Jerome used it to declare that Peter is the rock on which the religion is founded. The tricks mounted as he too was a great deceiver. He took the format of the church from the Imperial Roman Religion and used it to set up the system by which it continues to run.

The insignia; symbols; instruments; calendar; festivals; order of mass; and the law, were all ‘borrowed’ from the former to become an unchangeable basis for the latter. His New Testament qualifies the establishment of the organisation around the image of Jesus Christ and Mary, the Mother God of Babylon. ‘She’ was put into it by Constantine as the Mother of God and remains its Chief object of worship. This figure is the personified sun-star.

“And he exercised all the power of the first beast before him and caused the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed”¬†Revelation 13:12.

The Trinity was also a new concept and it appears to be based on the same principle as that of the Vedic format of India where Krishna is the third person. That is because the Islamic religion of Babylon is the format for every religion and they too have hidden their roots.

My reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe is proof that heaven and hell, on which all religions stand, are non-existent. The Spirit is the only God and it allowed the fiction in the New Testament to test those who are spiritual and whether or not they can see the lies and come away from them.

When in the presence of fiction, it is as if something inside of me dies and only when it is removed do I come alive again inside. If, on the other hand, I stay in contact with it that ‘death’ would become permanent. Only when one is away from the things that Constantine and his cohorts have brought about can my spirit build up into great power which can heal and instruct.

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Because it is a work of fiction the contents of the New Testament are devastating for peace and the future of the world. They have contributed to the current state of it as people try to conduct themselves according to the manner described therein, only to find they have to go against nature and their instinct to do it.

Jerome wrote the Book of Matthew which addressed church laws, not known before he introduced them. According to his diary entrants he ‘doctored’ what was the Septuagint into the Old Testament and included many stories that were not originally part of it. He then altered Church language to Latin to avoid scrutiny by the Jews. He published the combined works as The Vulgate and from that point others have added to it.


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