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The Kink Test Is Taking Over TikTok —How You Can Take It



kink test

The Test is taking over TikTok in the form of an online quiz that asks you some simple questions about your lifestyle and attitudes towards fun, kink, relationships, and more. It’s been trending on TikTok for weeks now, with users posting their results and tagging others to take it themselves. If you’re wondering what this big deal is all about, you need to know about the ‘Kink Test’ and how to take it yourself.

Kink Test

The Kink test gave beginning kinksters a quick and easy way to determine which labels apply to them. Does it take you more than one attempt at tying someone up before figuring out what’s going on? The Kink Test may be a great place for you to start. By answering these questions, they hope that you will better understand your preferences in kinks and discover labels that might fit your particular needs. Of course, please remember that there is no one-size-fits-all for fun. There are many paths to pleasure in kink test, and if something doesn’t seem like a good fit for you at first glance, don’t rule it out. Give yourself some time and exploration to help find what works best for you.

It Works

kink quiz

The quiz consists of a series of questions that range from easy to hard. These questions will help determine what kind of kinky person you are. As you answer more and more questions, your score increases until you reach a specific category such as Furry, Otaku or Goth. The test also has categories for vanilla lovers who like to dabble in kinky stuff once in a while. There is also an Advanced section for people who have more experience with kink and want something more difficult and detailed. Once you finish taking The BDSM Test, you can share it on social media using #kinktest.

They Create the Kink Test

The BDSM test was created to give people an easy and fun way to determine what kind of kinkster they are. The creators behind it feel that many newcomers think that a kinky label doesn’t fit them when in reality, it’s just not a perfect match. They say: We want you to feel free to self-identify however you like—there are no wrong answers here. But before you do, they want to help make sure you’re not mislabeling yourself by taking their kink quiz. Let them know your results and tell us about your kinks or if there is anything else.

You Can Take Your Kink Test

To take The Kink Test, you’ll need to visit an external site. Visit The Kink Test and start by answering a handful of questions. Once you’ve answered them all, click get your results at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that while one test is fun and informative. Is always best to meet with a therapist or other kinky-minded person to discuss. Your actual sexuality and what’s healthy for you. Learn more about The Kink Test on their website here. Check out some stats from The kink test quiz: 10% are vanilla people who have never tried this test. 24% have only involved in test under five times; 16% do not actively practice the test at present; 36% spend 1–3 hours each week practicing; 8%  currently involved in D/s relationships.

Other ways to find out my kinks and fetishes


Unfortunately, there aren’t any other DIY ways to test your kinks and fetishes. The main reason for that is that kinks are highly subjective. What gets one person off might make another’s skin crawl. However, it’s still a good idea to see a professional if you’re looking for more information on what your kinks and fetishes mean in terms of psychological health. Also, keep in mind that even if an activity/feeling isn’t considers a kink by some standards. It doesn’t mean it’s not unhealthy or dangerous — better safe than sorry.


This unusual name holds a strange attraction – not just to clowns but to many others. It seems that this name won’t bother anyone. Others find them alluring to develop a phobia, while some find them downright frightening. It’s an uncommon type of kink for a select few, but after the remake of IT, many people find this particular clown to be funny (despite being made to be ominous and spooky). In this instance, the costume effect caused by an attractive actor is the source of attraction. But there were clowns before it became mainstream.


Size play is not a bizarre and unfamiliar idea. For instance, this kink includes being a plaything for a big woman. For most people, being a gigantic NBA player is not enough. We’re talking about skyscrapers to mice-sized, tiny miniature humans. If a giantess isn’t well-develop or will develop out of an average-sized woman,test does not cover it. This factor means that a person may be more attracted to someone slightly taller than themselves than an ideal height based on averages. The inability of partners (especially males) to sustain penile is sufficient for successful completion of intercourse, as defined by either partner; actual impotence is rare among the practitioners who are thoroughly familiar with their partners.


Hybristophilia refers to a condition that makes people feel sexually attracted to criminals. While hardly any woman can resist a bad boy in her youth, those with hybristophilia take it a step further. They aren’t just street criminals, the hardcore types that commit this type of theft. For example, women may see them as good partners because of Charles Manson. That says it’s not just for women. Men report this kink too. Most are violent or sociopathic individuals and were remorseless about their crimes – Ted Bundy was one such criminal. Despite his evil doings, he was still loved by many female followers who wrote love letters to him while he was on death row awaiting execution.


The term vore may be something you have either heard or seen before. You may find it unusual or shocking if you are not used to it, but a great number of people find it arousing. Essentially, this fetish is focused on being engulfed by someone and then slowly digested. There are all kinds of variations of how that can happen: oral digestion (being eaten alive), vaginal digestion (getting pregnant from swallowing or getting impregnated via an egg-laying womb), anal digestion

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