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Some Online Marketing Myths That Stop You From Starting Your Business



I hear it all the time:

“Mike, you don’t really make any money with your internet business, do you?”

Most of the people who ask that question know someone who has tried to make an online business work but have failed… or gave up when success didn’t come overnight.

So it’s easy for them to think that running a successful internet business is nearly impossible.

Let’s debunk some myths:

#1 “I don’t know a lot about computer software and I don’t have muchtechnical expertise. I won’t know how to make the system work.”

The right tools and system will be provided for you and you can learn the necessary procedures for marketing pretty quickly just like you learned how to read e-mail or surf the net.

#2 “Speaking of e-mail, I don’t have a long list of customers I can sell to. No customers equals no sales.”

Having a list of ready-to-buy customers is a dream come true but it’s not something most folks possess. So you start building a list with anyone you already know that may be interested in your product or service. Additionally, there are many ways to add potential buyers to your list. People start from scratch every day.

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#3 “My website will never look as good as the experts’ ones do. A great looking website will take forever to set up and cost a fortune.”

There is no evidence to suggest that spectacular looking websites make more money than plain ones do. Many buyers are turned off by complicated, expensive web designs and want to get to the point.

#4 “Even if I am given a system and a website, I probably won’t be able to figure out what to do and I’ll get stuck.”

Any good system will have an easily reachable support team ready to answer questions and provide training. Hopefully, they will be motivated to help because they have a stake in your success. The success of the company depends on your individual success.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

My friends, there are several more myths that pervade the world of internet business.

Let’s debunk some more of them here:

#5 “I am starting too late; the field is already crowded.”

There will always be a need for goods and services. Cutting-edge marketing strategies are especially popular since all products have to be sold. New products are invented every day and technology is better than ever at announcing these products (and services) to the marketplace. You also have the benefit of knowing about others’ failures – what has not worked in the past – so that you don’t make the same marketing mistakes.

#6 “I don’t have any money and it costs a lot to get started.”

You need very little money to start an online marketing business. You can get an internet marketing business up and running for as little as $25 which is a small fraction of what it would cost to start up a franchise, for example.

#7 “It takes forever to make a profit and I need money¬†now.”

Delivering information products digitally over the internet costs nothing and takes little time to process. As long as you own the products, you can deliver them without inventory storage and delivery costs.

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#8 “But I haven’t created a product so I won’t be able to make big money, anyway.”

People who make products or provide services usually rely on marketing experts to do the selling. That would be you acting as an affiliate for the company or individual. Think of yourself as a car dealer. You don’t make the cars; you market them to people who need them. Creating a product is time-consuming and expensive. Why not simply sell that product once it’s ready for the marketplace? If you can find a product that pays you a high commission, you have it made.

#9 “I wouldn’t know what to sell; I’m not an expert at anything.”

You don’t have to be an expert; you simply need to know more about your product than the customer does. It’s always beneficial to learn all you can about a product but the buyer is most interested in the benefits he or she will receive. For example, if you were selling diet supplements, you wouldn’t need to understand the chemical nature of the product or how it’s made; you only need to be able to explain the health benefits.

If you have believed any of these myths, now is the time to put them behind you.

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