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Prospector Credibility: How Build Your Credibility and Become The Next Big Thing



So, you understand the basic principles of lead generation, otherwise known as Prospecting 101. The problem now, is how do you turn all that theory into practice and ultimately results.

In previous articles I spoke about how you first need to demonstrate some credibility; secondly, you must have focused advertising; and thirdly, you must apply the WIIFM principle (What’s In It For Me – otherwise known as What’s In It For Your Prospect) in order to source qualified leads.

This article will only discuss how to establish your credibility, which is especially relevant to anybody who is just beginning their network marketing career.

Prospector credibility

Other marketers use the term positioning, but ultimately what we are all saying, is that you must demonstrate your credentials as some-one to follow, some-one who has the solution to their problem, some-one that will guide them to success and not down the path of a negative bank balance. This can be difficult to achieve when you are first starting out and still trying to build the early foundations of your team. Ultimately it is not a very difficult process as long as you keep four things in mind:


  1. Have a clear Plan;
  2. Be confident;
  3. Demonstrate your knowledge; and
  4. Be the solution to their problems.

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Have a clear plan. First and foremost you must develop a clear business plan for yourself. What are your aims, budget and method to attract prospects. Your method needs to include, as a minimum:


  • How to do your market analysis (ie, using Google Trends, Amazon etc);
  • How to get set up for business (using free and paid websites, email responders etc);
  • How to leverage of social media and lead generation tools;
  • How to use forums, articles, blogs etc to help prospect;
  • How to use other sites like Fiverr, Slideshare, Online Press releases etc;
  • How to run your own webinars; and
  • Most importantly – How will you assist your downline to achieve this level of knowledge.


There are many more aspects to consider and internet based tools available to you, but once you can answer some of these questions you are ready to start doing business.

Having a plan will ensure that your efforts are co-ordinated, cause less wasted effort and resources and above all it will be evident to your downline that you know what you are talking about.

Be Confident. Be confident! If you don’t believe it yourself then perhaps you need to study more or find a mentor that can guide you through the process and even develop your own self-esteem. Confidence does not mean lying to your prospects about the capability of your product, but rather it means, know your product, know your systems, know your business plan and act in a timely manner. If you can do all of this, I guarantee you will have the necessary confidence to enact your plan.

Demonstrate your knowledge. You will find, that Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performances (5Ps). So, join some forums, give free advice, help people, write articles, write a book, join professional websites etc, these all help to build your profile on the internet and help demonstrate your knowledge. Once you start to build a profile, your reputation will surely start to develop. So make it a good one, because a bad reputation is like committing marketing suicide. To help this process you can get people review your website/page, develop a list of followers; until you generate enough leads to have your statistics and testimonials that can be added to your newsletters and advertising.

Be the solution. Give before you ask! Always keep the What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) principle in mind. Offer something, for free, as an inducement to prospects choosing you as their trainer, mentor or upline manager. People are always much more willing to sign up if they are given something of true value first. This is a matter of human psychology, so work with it, not against it! That free something could be advice, training, a report or a trial, but whatever it is make sure you deliver on your promise.

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Generating leads is tough when you are new to network marketing, mainly because you have no established credentials or proof of success. Everyone likes to follow a winner, but if you are on the way to becoming a winner then you must instil confidence in your prospects by demonstrating that you have a clear plan, you are confident in it, you have good subject knowledge and most importantly you MUST demonstrate to your prospects that you are the solution to their problem.

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