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Messages of condolence and support that you can send to your friends on the death of their relative or acquaintance



The passing of a loved one into non-existence is certainly the hardest test you can receive in life, and the pain you feel in such moments is impossible to translate into words.

A human life is gone, you have lost a loved one, and the loss is impossible to achieve. In these difficult moments we are with you. Sincere condolences!

Source: Messages of condolence and support that you can send to your friends on the death of their relative or acquaintance

When a being close to us leaves forever, only then do we realize with pain in our souls that we are poor mortals. May God give him eternal rest, and may he give you the strength to go through this ordeal. It is difficult for us to find the right words now that we have learned that the being so dear to you is gone forever. Our thoughts are with you. With immeasurable sadness we learned of the death of our dear being and that is why we feel the need to send you our most sincere condolences. We sincerely hope that in these difficult moments the presence of relatives and friends will bring you some relief. The news that the loved one left suddenly and definitively your life, leaving behind only sadness and pain, shocked us. Words are useless. There is just pain and sadness. Only God can help us understand that the path of the loved one has stopped here. Rest in peace! I have found out with boundless sadness of losing your loved one. From now on, we won’t look for him on the phone or at home. From now on we will look for him only in our hearts, the only place he will never leave. Rest in peace! When time is running out and a dear being leaves us forever, the sun loses the warmth of its rays, and we bear the mourning of the darkness that remains behind it. Deeply saddened, we have found out of the unexpected death of your loved one. No one is asked when he wants to leave this world. He left too early, leaving only sadness and pain behind. May the good God be able to alleviate your pain and rest his soul! The sun of life set for a being so dear to us. In this universe of sadness we remain the stars of memories, to alleviate our pain. Rest in peace! The emptiness left behind by the extinction of the loved one cannot be covered by anyone and nothing. May God rest her in peace, and give comfort to her grieving family. Sincere condolences to the grieving family. We pray that God will comfort the souls of those left untreated by the tragic parting. In these moments of deep sadness it is very difficult to find the words, because nothing can comfort your soul once you lose your loved one. Sincere condolences to the grieving family! The hour of parting arrived, leaving behind a huge void and tears of boundless pain. Sincere condolences!

A human life is gone, you have lost a loved one, and the loss is almost impossible to achieve. In these difficult moments you are going through, don’t forget that we are with you. Sincere condolences! A good heart ceased to beat, a great soul ascended to heaven, leaving behind a boundless pain and a huge void, Sincere condolences, God rest him in peace ”!I learned with pain in my soul of your husband’s/your wife’s passage into the world of the righteous. After so many years, God has decided to separate you and put an end to a path sprinkled with love and devotion. Sincere condolences! Receive our sincere condolences at this painful time. Our prayers are with your family, We think of you in this difficult time, may God give you comfort in the most painful moment. In remembrance of ……………., On….., we will once again keep a proper moment of silence, pray for the rest of the souls of the deceased, and ask the good God to protect us from such tragedies forever. .The day of …………… .. remains in our memory and of those who will follow us as one of the saddest days in …………….We still live with the pain caused by the loss suffered with …………. We pray that God will rest those who have sacrificed / lost their lives… ..! As we pray to God, such tragedies will never happen again.

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Lana Condor Shows Her “Self Care” Routine To The World




  • Flossing a mandatory part of night care routine of Lana Condor
  • Magic product behind Lana Condor fresh skin_water
  • Self-love and self-care_Lana Condor
    June 6th, 2020: Lana Condor is among the most talented celebrities; in her recent interview she revealed her beauty secret, her ritual, its importance, and her favorite sweating method.
    While speaking to one of the renowned newspaper, Lana condor talked about her social media mental health guru. She said that she follows @_hi_anxiety_ to deal with her anxiety. Because this platform hear people problems and made them feel better, these are her thoughts. As they post relatable motivational quotes for depressed people.
    In response to a question about her favorite workout, she said she loves to do VR. And according to her in this quarantine period, VR plays a vital role in keeping you fit and is entertaining at the same time.
    When the interviewer asked about the magic ingredient or product behind her glass skin, she responded amusingly. Fancy beauty products never fascinate me, but there is one thing without which I can’t live that is Water. She said that you can’t imagine that I feel exhausted when I don’t drink water. Further, she said that if you want to keep your skin fresh drink water, water, and water.
    In reply to a question about her quarantine splendor routine, she said, although in this period I don’t apply tons of make-up. So, my skincare routine is very simple. First of all, I apply cleanser on my face with the brush to clean the dust or impurities. After that, I used lemon wipe because it does magic to my skin, as I received them when I was in Korea. Lemon wipes have the power to brighten up your face within no time. The next step is the application of serum, an amazing moisturizer, and finally eye-cream. Eye-cream and skincare regimes go hand in hand because I can’t skip an eye-cream.
    Replying about her sleeping routine, she said, she can’t even think about going to bed without flossing. Flossing before bed has become my habit with time. As if one day, I forget to do flossing I feel disturbed even I can’t sleep.
    Besides all the stuff when she was asked to give one self-care tip, she said, hydration. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Further, she said, it’s an easy tip to follow. As we are always busy in comparing ourselves with others, underestimating our selves based on others’ success rate. Never underestimate yourself and do your best. Because your potential is different from others.
    She further said be kind to yourself because this is what matters.
    “Greatness is coming.” She uses this statement frequently to motivate herself.
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