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What are the services offered by a digital marketing agency?



I want to talk about what is a marketing agency? And what exactly does it do? So basically, what a marketing agency is, it’s an agency that brings leads to businesses that’s it. If you are not bringing the business customers it doesn’t matter how pretty you’re making them look online doesn’t matter how many views you’re getting them they’re going to fire you.

Now, this is not for every type of client; we had had clients before that just wanted brand reach, which is basically easy. Clients want this ad to be seen by a hundred thousand people, that’s very easy to do now. It’s different though when you say okay, I want this ad to target these many people and get this many leads this many sales. So if you are going to start a marketing agency, you always remember the first thing is sales, that’s number one in sales. Once you can bring business sales, you are in business. Now there are a few different ways to go about that right.  So how can you bring business sales?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Well, the first way is search engine optimization or SEO Services. If you’re working with local small businesses, I highly recommend that you look into search engine optimization. Now, what search engine optimization basically means? If you type in a keyword into Google and you click on the first result that the company is most likely to get a phone call, which is the easiest way to bring a bid.

As customers, I’m telling you this right now from a year of experience that it is the easiest way. You can do Facebook ads to accelerate some of this stuff, but I found that the traffic from Facebook ads is not as sticky and converting them the traffic some search engine optimization.

Facebook Ads

With that being said, you need to understand what types of services you’re going to offer as a marketing agency. Offering Facebook advertising primarily, and I think that that’s a really good way to start because in Facebook ads you don’t really need to know much. All you need to do is understand the psychological behavior behind people on Facebook. Now, if you can do that, you can become a very successful Facebook advertising agency. Here’s the other thing I really like about Facebook Ads is that it doesn’t really require any cost?

So you can literally pick up a backpack, go to every state in the world and start selling Facebook advertising services. Now when you’re going about this, I highly recommend that you take some training courses or series.

I know everybody’s weird about courses, but it’s the best way to learn accelerated. So find somebody on YouTube that you like and literally follow them step-by-step and purchase their course. There’s a lot of people out there going, oh I don’t want to buy a course, and people shouldn’t be selling courses. Why not? These people sell their books right; it’s not free; it’s not free information.

Some agencies also offer services like PPC management with the services mentioned above.

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Dollar general’s hiring of 50,000 new employees and special hours for senior in pandemic




Government to order quarantine for two months due to quick escalation of Coronavirus
Dollar General stores to increase its hiring by the end of April 2020.
The manager declares to provide opportunities for new hires for a longer period of time.
On Monday, the famous chain of stores in the United States, The Dollar General has announced the hiring of about 50,000 new workers in order to meet the needs of people. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, people are bound to stay home and for this reason, this network of variety stores plans to deliver all the basic commodities and other food or important items at people’s doorstep. For this plan to work the store chain has decided to hire as many new employees as they can till the end of April 2020.
About a large portion of the world is been effected by Coronavirus pandemic and a huge amount of death tolls have been calculated until today. Because of This alarming situation, all the governments of the world have decided to order a complete lockdown accept medical centers, hospitals, and some super general stores. Quarantine imposed on people has made them homebound which is indeed safe for them but because of it, they are finding it difficult to shop their basic groceries and other products.
On March 23, 2020, the Consumer Value store too made an announcement that it is working on a plan to hire a maximum of fifty thousand new employees for both part-time and full time working around the United Nations. In such a terrible situation spread out in the whole world people rely on the services provided by superstores which include house delivery of sanitized products. But Most people from the U.S buy items from Dollar General as a considerable amount of about 75% population resides within 5 miles of this general store.
On March 30, 2020, the store called for new hiring for supplying quick services to their customs throughout the U.S. The managers announced about 50,000 vacancies for the drivers for home delivery of products, for a distribution center. It also requires employees to work as Customer service representatives (CSR). The job interviews will be conducted virtually as mentioned by the company. Dollar General Store is putting its best efforts to help their consumers and the people related to their customers during these times of pain and difficulty. Moreover, it is allowing people to start up and grow their working career with the addition of long term opportunities

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Pay Cryptocurrency for DigitalOcean, Linode, and Hetzner




When you make a website and purchase a domain name, if you never take the assistance of cloud hosting, then it’s all waste. The primary aim of cloud hosting to maintain the files and data, maintain the connection between the client and the web owner, store it, and send data through the cloud. The remote web hosting also supports by the cloud, and it works as the connection between the vendor and client through the IP network. The client can send data to another vendor through an IP connection or wireless connection through an abstract network route called the cloud, and later the data will store and maintain by the vendor through a remote server.

Well, when you are developing a website, you must need the cloud hosting that can work along with the multiple cloud servers, so you need the best cloud hosting service. When it comes to purchase and take the assistance of the cloud hosting provider, you just need to choose the best service provider that can allow buying a VPS with Bitcoins as virtual money can be the best way to pay for the cloud services.

For your assistance, we are going to discuss the most famous and well-known platforms for cloud hosting, and they are as following:


This cloud service provider platform works efficiently to provide assistance to the business entities. With the help of this service, they can also scale themselves through installing the DigitalOcean application. This application can go parallel in different and connected servers without any compromising on the performance. It is one of the top cloud service provider platforms in America. Undoubtedly, the developers prefer it for the following reasons:

1.      Quality Performance:

The developer always tries to eliminate the hustle of managing data or server management, but thankfully, DigitalOcean never disappoint and provide the necessary assistance professionally.

It works as SSD-based virtual machines that utilized the IPv6, and other service providers may not consider it, the additional services including:

  • a fast boot time that consists of 55 seconds
  • Work on powerful Hex Core machines that have devoted RAID SSD and ECC Ram storage.

2.      Professional Documentation:

The DigitalOcean’s documentation is considered as the comprehensive, real, and very practical. It includes all the necessary materials like installation guides, tutorials, walkthroughs, and guides, etc.

Moreover, the other two well-known cloud hosting options are:


In short, for the development of any website, the developer required a system to maintain and manages the data of the website and gives it storage, so here you must need cloud hosting. It also works like web hosting but has a slight difference between both of them. Moreover, you can easily buy the server through Bitcoin VPS, and it is not only the best service provider but also deal with affordable price. The cryptocurrency makes it easy to deal with the server, and no, you can easily pay for web hosting or cloud hosting for your website through virtual currency.

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