File Upload Size Limit Won’t Change in WAMP [SOLVED]

October 27, 2015 by in category MISC tagged as , , , , with 0 and 0

So after spending hours trying to change the file size upload limit in WAMP phpMyAdmin just to upload a large database I was almost ready to give up. The problem was that after raising the file size and timeout limits, phpMyAdmin still showed different limits.

After searching the online forums the most offered solutions simple did not help (although the same solutions had worked before). Everyone recommended to change the php.ini (yes I did that in both folders, including Apache) however this wouldn’t work. It seemed the limits were still overwritten in some other file which I could not find and nobody mentioned.

The solution that finally worked:

I discovered the file phpmyadmin.conf in folder C:\wamp\alias\

Change the values in that config and hopefully it will save you some time 🙂