Christmas After Effects Template

Send a video Christmas card with this simple after effects template.
Very easy to use – change all the colors, add your own logo and text.


White Ipad Mockups (Download PSD)

6 mock-ups of a white apple ipad. 4 mock-ups include the ipad in a realistic scenery + 2 simple mock-ups of a woman holding the ipad which include transparent backgrounds. Perfect mock-ups to showcase an app design or website realistically. Very easy to add your own images to the screens. Open smart object -> Paste in your content -> Save file & done. Screen placeholder size 768x1024px & 1024x768px

02_woman-holding-white-ipad-psd-mockup 12_holding-white-ipad-psd-replace-screen 10_white-ipad-psd-mockup-in-hand 08_realistic-white-ipad-ind-hand-psd-mockup 06_white-ipad-on-laptop-closeup-psd-mockup 04_woman-holding-white-ipad-psd-mockup

Sketchbook PSD Mock-ups

4 sketchbook mockups on a wooden desk with a pencil. A good mockup to realistically showcase your sketches, drafts and other artwork. Very easy to add your own image: Open the smart object – Drag&Drop or paste in your image – Save file & done!

A4 Paper PSD Mock-up

3 PSD mockups of a white A4 paper on wooden surface. The perfect mockup to present your CV or any other print graphics/documents. Works with any text or image. Add your own image inside the smart object with 1 click. All layered Photoshop files – change backgrounds.

06_folded-A4-paper-close-up-on-wood-desk-psd-mockup 01_folded-A4-paper-on-wood-desk-psd-mockup 02_folded-A4-paper-on-wood-desk-psd-mockup 03_folded-A4-paper-on-wood-desk-psd-mockup 04_folded-A4-paper-on-wood-desk-psd-mockup 05_folded-A4-paper-close-up-on-wood-desk-psd-mockup

Pencil Sketch Mockups – PSD

Turn your photos into sketch art with one click. 3D mockups of pencil sketch drawings. A4 paper on a wooden table with colored pencils. Add your own image inside the smart object and the sketch effect is added automatically. Works with any text or image. 3 versions included.

  • File resolution: 2300x1500px
  • Image placeholder size: 1800x1260px

Easily turn the colored sketch feature on/off and have the sketch only in black&white.

09_pencil-sketch-photo-effect-mockup-psd 01_pencil-sketch-photo-effect-mockup-psd 04_pencil-sketch-photo-effect-mockup-psd 07_pencil-sketch-photo-effect-mockup-psd


Nature Gallery | After Effects Template

The popularity of “Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon” After Effects template does not show any signs of stopping. It has been leading on the top sellers list for almost 11 months now on videohive. If the template continues to sell this good, it will the most popular After Effects Template on Videohive. Currently it`s on the second place with sales count a little over 3000 and I am guessing it will break the record somewhere in January 2014.

Download template:

Logo Speed Painting

A very simple After Effects project – Digital speedpainting video with your text/image/video. Your content appears to be painted on white paper with one brush stroke. 

Get it here:

Iphone App Mock-ups

4 mock-ups of a black Iphone and app GUI screenshots. Showcase you mobile website, app gui or any other image. Also includes a smart object for the background – turns your background pattern automatically into a perspective background.

07_3D-iphone-app-mockup-gui-showcase-640-1136px 06_straight-iphone-app-mockup-gui-showcase-640-1136px 01_iphone-4-4s-5-app-mockup-gui-showcase 05_straight-iphone-app-mockup-gui-showcase 04_iphone-app-mockup-gui-showcase 03_iphone-4-4s-5-app-mockup-gui-showcase-change-background 02_iphone-4-4s-5-app-mockup-gui-showcase-wood-backgrounddownload:

3D Social Media Illustrations

6 illustrative 3D rendered images of social media & technology. All images have 2 versions: JPEG and PNG with transparent background. Images include facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, rss, instagram, pinterest and myspace icons.

  • Social media capsule 2000x1500px
  • Social Media laptop 2000x1500px
  • Laptop with broken glass and social media icons flying out 2000x1500px
  • Hand holding Social media icons 2300×1200
  • Hand giving social icons through monitor. Both 3500x1500px

social_media_overload_3D_social_icons social_media_3D_capsules_social_media_addiction macbook_laptop_with_3D_social_media_icons macbook_laptop_3D_social_media_icons_breaking_glass too_much_social_media_internet_offer_seo_icons_in_hand 3D_social_media_icons_in_hand